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Problem Solving Solutions for Pipe Support Systems

The Lisega Group, the world's leading professionals for industrial pipe support systems that provide technical solutions for all common industrial applications.


We were so impressed with the speed of the development and how changes were implemented. Also the implementation of ideas and suggestions for the application

Astolf Witte, Director of Sales and Human Resources



- Construction

Project Solutions:

- Mobile App

- Request Product

- Request Quote/Competitor Part

Technology Used:

- Visual Studios 2017

- Xamarin

- APK File

- TestFlight

Smart Manufacturing

The LISEGA Group manufactures and engineers pipe supports and hangers for nuclear power plants, petrochemicals, LNG and solar plants, as well as related industries. Due to an increased level of mobile application use the LISEGA Group wanted to create a mobile app that would help customers by suggesting solutions to problems that they may face at specific plants.

Based on basic inputs that would identify the correct spring hangers, LISEGA's operators would be able to identify the issue and recommend what products to use to correct the problems. The objective of creating a mobile application was to provide meaningful content to their clients with a problem-solving tool. Customers would be able to open cases with noted descriptions of a particular problem, and in return, the LISEGA team would respond with a solution through an email.

Mobile Consulting Solutions

Chetu's developers used Microsoft Visual Studios 2017 with Xamarin forms to develop the application. Xamarin versions could be used for both iOS and Android on cellular devices and tablets. Users would use the mobile application to request products based on the operating load or travel components. Users could also price match products with competitors or request quotes.

The operations of the application include:

Operating Load (Hot Load): The hot or operating load is the load acting on the support point during normal operations. For spring hangers it is made up of the set load and the force resulting from spring travel multiplied by spring rate.

Travel (upwards): Moving components such as constant and spring hangers are split into travel ranges corresponding to the usable spring travel of the standard springs used. The relevant travel range in each case is designated in the type description by the 4th digit in the LISEGA table.

Permissible deviation (p): Always < 25% for variable springs

Cold Load: The cold load is the load determined by the pipe system calculations for the support point in shut down condition.

Set Load (blocking load): The set or blocking load is the load at which the spring or constant hanger is set and blocked. The set load is made up of the cold load and the dead weight of the components suspended from the spring or constant hanger. In part, blanket dead weights are already calculated into the cold loads. These must be taken into account when designing the hanger arrangement.

Spring Rates: To offer the largest possible field of application while at the same time complying with these specifications, LISEGA spring components are divided into 5 travel ranges with correspondingly different spring rates

Design Type - type designation: The choice of a suitable design type is dependent on the respective support configuration and/or installation conditions.

Maximum Travel: To avoid functional variations through instability from springs with long travel, maximum travel of 50mm should not, as a rule, be exceeded.

During production, the application was tested using an APK file for Android and iOS. TestFlight was also used to distribute the IPA file to different mobile devices.

Improve User Experience

A year after development the mobile application was deployed, customers highlight the helpful application's user-friendly features that made processes easier. The application's functions include understanding how to select from LISEGA spring hangers according to load and travel range, as well as the input of a competitor's similar product.

The app also informs users on how the spring hangers are installed, and how the blockings can be removed. Additionally, LISEGA's support team can provide technical support while users are at a plant. The application can be found in both the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store.

Chetu's software engineers were able to successfully develop the LISEGA mobile application thus providing an informational reporting system that satisfies their client's needs. With custom pipe support and hanger software, LISEGA can identify and configure interferences between components on-site remotely.



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