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Kelli Muniz

Rick Heicksen

Vice President of Sales

Rick Heicksen is the Vice President of Sales at Chetu, Inc., a renowned global software development company. He manages accounts in multiple sectors, including Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Transportation, Energy, and IT Service Management. With his expertise in business development and exceptional customer service, Rick has helped many clients grow their businesses. Rick is known for his versatility and ability to keep pace with technological advancements, which has significantly influenced his success at Chetu. He earned his degree from Chapparal Community College and is passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Since joining Chetu in 2019, he has risen quickly and established himself as a thought leader within the Food and Beverage community, helping the company grow into an award-winning organization.

Written by Rick Heicksen

Keeping Fleets on Track with AI-Powered Solutions

Keeping Fleets on Track with AI-Powered Solutions

The various transportation industries have become a core of modernity, and modern problems require modern solutions. An AI-powered FMS could be just that.

Calling All Cars! Transforming The Auto Industry with HMI

Calling All Cars! Transforming The Auto Industry with HMI

Transform vehicle performance with Human-Machine Interface. Discover how HMI technology is revolutionizing the automotive industry.

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