Application Suite For Retail Shoppers

Application Suite For Retail Shoppers – A Case Study

Written by Prem Khatri Posted March 27, 2013 by Carolina
Prem Khatri

Prem Khatri


Our client is a leading Custom Home Builder company. They have created a theme-park that is a year-round destination where today's consumer can explore, experience and enjoy the latest in home products and services. They feature 12 beautifully appointed showcase homes ranging in size and representing many of the home styles and architecture found throughout America.

Business Objective

The park has showcase homes and is open year round. Our client wanted applications to support operations at this park. This included ability to charge the visitors at the point of entry with variable pricing and special event pricing (kiosk).

Once inside the park, visitors should be able to browse products on display inside the model homes (e.g. fireplaces, furniture, faucets etc.) and get detailed information on an Android device (with RFID and NFC reading capabilities) provided for purchases.

Apart from that, visitors should have the ability to review and buy these products right from the device. In addition, manufacturers and vendors showcasing their products in the park should be able to track product purchases through a real-time web-portal.

Solution from Chetu Retail Software Development

Having vast experience in developing e-Commerce platforms, Android development and payment processing, Chetu created an application suite that handles all of the visitor's activity. This includes an application to charge the users at point of entry.  Additionally, it includes an Magento based e-commerce platform that handles Catalog, Product and Vendor management.   The Android device is integrated with RFID and NFC Readers allowing the user to scan RFID and NFC tags and provide product details including provides shopping cart features like catalog, pricing and payment processing.

Results Delivered

Using its efficient yet low cost delivery model, Chetu delivered an application suite to manage all visitor activities at the park. We have used industry standard third-party eCommerce platforms (Magento) and customized it to suit the needs of our client. Some of the modules include:

1) A kiosk application that charges visitors at the point of entry. It has membership pricing, daily/regular pricing. It has integration with OCR Scanner to scan and authenticate driver's licenses as well.

2) Android Device: Developed on the Android OS, the device has integration with RFID and NFC Reader as well as an eCommerce Platform for Product & Payment processing

3) Consumer Portal: An eCommerce web-portal where Customers can review products and their shopping cart from within the Park or online.

4) Manufacturer / Vendor Portal: Enabling Manufacturers and vendors who have products on display to track user views, feedback as well as buying behavior.

The entire application suite is scalable to handle thousands of visitors coming to the park to enjoy the services.


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