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Optimized AV Asset Management Platform

PlanIt AV specializes in simplifying AV management and lifecycle planning for corporations, educational institutions, and places of worship. They hired Chetu’s developers to debug and enhance their existing platform.

PlanIt AV

We appreciate the commitment from the team that was dedicated to our project. Whenever we gave them a challenge they came up with a solution that will benefit our clients.

Brian Rolston, President & Founder

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- Media and Entertainment

Project Solutions:

- Assets Management Platfrom

- AV Solutions

Technology Used:

- Angular 6


- Bootstrap

- Java

- Visual Studio

Audio Visual Solutions

PlanIt AV developed an AV asset management and capital budget planning web application for audio and visual managers. The app is a cloud-based capital project planning solution that allows users to capture details related to their AV systems while developing a multi-year project plan for their end-of-life replacement.

AV asset management has always been a manual process that required the use of spreadsheets. This lead to PlanIt AV wanting to create an automated system to better assist their clients. They required a solution that is able to provide up-to-date information for AV systems, as well as staying on track with ongoing project planning budgets.

Integrated AV Systems

PlanIt AV’s mission was to develop a solution that was easily accessible and could capture AV assets, documents, photos, and the shelf-life of a particular AV system. The solution would keep systems up-to-date with multi-year project plans for the consistent year-over-year spending while managing and organizing inventory and documentation to speed up troubleshooting issues and getting systems online quickly.

During development, our engineers needed to first operate on their Angular frontend to debug the system and analyze their current platform. Next, we had to collect the details from the APIs to implement feature changes. Chetu’s developers upgraded each building, room, and equipment module thus providing room, building, and equipment details as well as the ability to make edits. Users can also add multiple rooms to a building to monitor the AV systems.

Cloud DAM Solutions

AV managers are now able to manage AV assets and store system documentation easily on one platform. After deployment, added features that clients appreciated were the ability to handle multiple AV systems not only in a single room but the entire building. Through the administration panel users have the ability to see an overview of their AV systems from the dashboard by uploading documents, project details, and images.

Chetu’s developers make it easy to convert analog objects, be they paper documents, forms or images, into digital assets. We design intuitive interfaces so you can seamlessly switch between batch scanning, encoding, using optical character recognition, and other digitizing.



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