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Business Intelligence Data Optimized to Track Organizations' KPI Processes

Praxis Metrics, an outsource data team that develops business intelligence implementations hired Chetu to productize services within their current software system.

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One of the greatest benefits of working with Chetu was the fact that we did not have just one resource working on our account. It also came with a project manager and customer success manager. There were multiple minds working on problems, rather than just one person.

- Meaghan Connell, Co-Founder



- Retail

- Marketing

- Business Intelligence

Project Solutions:

- Track KPI's

- Automation

Technology Used:



- ManyChat API

BIG DATA Insights

Praxis Metrics is powered by updated technology that focuses on empowering individuals and companies with better data insights. Praxis wanted to productize their current platform services that captured various KPI's using visualization to create in depth reports.

Praxis' goal was provide a BI platform tool that allowed small to large businesses to scale their data clearly. Chetu developers were tasked with developing a dashboard that required the creation of various data flows to access data automatically.

Data Visualization

Initially in order to achieve capturing KPI data users had to manually input information into an excel spreadsheet, hence the requirement to replace this process with dynamic data accessing capabilities. Chetu developers' goal was to develop a dashboard that captured KPI's using visual graphs that compared billable hours consumed vs purchased. By using the Stripe API a data dictionary provides metadata information with detailed service and payment plan data.

To process data our developers used MySQL and DOMO, a web based tool to create the application reports. Once on DOMO's main page Chetu developers connected different API's to the main page to create visualizations in DOMO analyzer. From there users are able to access reports from the clients system through a web browser or mobile device with the proper credentials.

Disseminating Complex Data

After development and the solution was deployed there was increased profitability and loaded instantly, thus assisting users quickly and efficiently. Chetu helped Praxis with a task that was vital to the company in terms of quality and automated functionalities.

Chetu builds custom BI solutions for mobile devices, desktops, and browser apps that are complete with personalized and customized BI dashboards. Our custom BI platforms include features like big data processing, predictive analysis, decision support, benchmarking, workflow planning, and more.



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