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The client, a unique buyer-driven online marketplace, chose Chetu to develop shopping-cart plugins for popular ecommerce platforms so online retailers can offer better pricing based off the client's market research.


Parameters: Ecommerce Shopping-Cart Plugin Experts Needed

The client is a UK marketplace with a buyer-driven model that helps buyers find the most competitive prices online. Using the clients website, the buyer has to do minimal research to get their desired product at the lowest possible market price. As the marketplace has grown in success there was an opportunity for expansion. The client chose Chetu's ecommerce development experts to get the job done.

The client requested we expand the availability of their marketplace by developing a plugin available to popular ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce. The client specifically wanted to build shopping cart plug-ins that will consume the client's RESTful API and allow online retailers to access the most competitive market prices of the products they are selling. Online retailers will be able to leverage the clients pricing data and better compete within their industry.

BigCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins

Journey: Connect Shopping Cart Plug-Ins to Ecommerce Platforms

Our team of ecommerce developers created a web-application hosted in an iframe to be installed as a BigCommerce app for pushing inventories. The inventories list will be displayed to the online retailer which he can select and send. The plugin was organized by list of inventories, flag the inventories, send. The plugin will updates prices and stock, read and push orders, and log any errors during upload.

The four main steps to creating the Plugin:

Create package/extension for the ecommerce platform

  1. Let Merchant send their Inventory data
  2. Updates on Price and Stock (as real time as possible)
  3. Order updates to the Merchant ecommerce site.
  4. The technologies used are CakePHP, Silex, MySQL Database and SVN Repository.

The team ensured error reporting and user displayed messages, rules for inbuilt functions, arrays, variables, constants, strings, functions, classes, docblock formatting were all functioning in unision with BigCommerce.

End Result: Increased Sales and Revenue Growth for Online Retailers

The client received a seamless shopping cart extension that accurately pulls data from the BigCommerce platform and sends it to the website to then send the updated pricing back to BigCommerce. Retailers are now enabled to capitalize on this technology, potentially increasing sales. We are certified BigCommerce partners backed with a team of BigCommerce developers trained to solve all your business challenges.

Our team can create multi-channel shopping carts using BigCommerce development technique, and also integrate third-party shopping cart modules from popular solutions such as OpenCart, Zen Cart, X-Cart, Pinnacle Cart, 3dcart and so on.




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