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The client is a leader in the ICT, Digital Marketing and Hospitality Sectors. By juxtaposing their experience in product development, finance, creative design, technical support with cutting edge technology, the client has been able to deliver true innovation to the hospitality experience.

It is no secret that success in the hospitality industry depends on convenience, a heightened level of convenience translates into a more positive guest experience—leading to referral and repeat business and guest reviews that encourage new customers. In other words, convenience dictates profitability. Our client is the link between profitability and convenience, merging technology and hospitability to nurture a symbiosis.

Naturally, the client combined archaic conveniences with modern conveniences, designing a concierge app that could be accessed through in-room tablets. The client lacked the internal resources required to carry out the development internally, and decided to collaborate with Chetu to transition their vision from concept to code.

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Concierge app connects with front desk


To develop a framework for their existing Food & Beverage (F&B) applications (web and mobile) that will integrate with a third-party platform that corresponds with guests. The application will help hotels provide better service by catering to the potential needs of their guests.

The client hoped this application would serve as a liaison between hotel staff and guests, helping staff anticipate guest demands and needs. Guests would be able to request a variety of services from the application, tailoring concierge service to their own personal schedules to ensure nothing debilitates their hotel experience.

Although the client needed Chetu to engineer the concierge application from scratch, the app also needed to work cohesively with their preexisting offerings. When adding to a legacy suite, silos can rise between individual systems, preventing interoperability. To prevent disparate environments, Chetu dissected the client's native apps, and built the new application using similar structure so that the new and the old could integrate cohesively.


Chetu leveraged the following technologies during the developmental phase…

  • MSMQ platform
  • Windows application
  • iOS compatibility

Chetu has developed a Windows based service using an MSMQ platform which will help integrate their F&B apps with the third-party provider. By using this solution, hotel guests will be able to make service orders and send incident notifications to the right person. Also, it supports two-way communication, which means the hotel staff can instantly update room, work orders, and incident status updates in real-time.

As part of their concierge services, hotel guests will have an iPad available in their hotel room with a selection of various services that they can choose from. With a click of a button from the application developed by Chetu, the hotel guest can request a taxi, restaurant table booking, order flowers, and other services in real time. This concierge app helps staff communicate more efficiently, eliminates wasteful paperwork, and facilitates a smoother operation for all parties involved, greatly improving hospitality workflows.

mobile app and integrates smart sensors technology Github jquery phonegap
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