By Manvinder Bhatia

Client Overview

For nearly 30 years, the client has manufactured high-quality telecommunication products designed to enhance telephone line productivity and provide cost savings for numerous homes and businesses. The client's solutions have the reliability and proven communication technology to enhance properties by making it easier to operate and ensure seamless communication. Products and solutions from this client have shown to increase staff productivity by enabling the retrieval of data from one centralized location, which makes guest interaction faster and more efficient. The client strives to provide solutions that improve customer service by giving staff the tools to obtain instant access to guest information so that staff members can greet guests by name. It is the goal of the client to make products that meet individual guests' needs through features like individualized, professional voicemail, wake-up calls and more.

Custom Android App
Custom Android APP

Project Overview

The objective of the client's project was to create an Android application for SIP calling. The client wanted to replace/remove the need for hotel guest room phones with this Android app. The application needed to be able to identify a person's current latitude and longitude and have a feature for an individual to input a specific PIN to connect to the appropriate servers. Once connected, the user would have to register with the server to receive a unique user ID that can be reused to make and receive calls on the app.

To client also envisioned the app to have speed dial buttons to make direct calls to hotel services, including Room Service, Maintenance, the Front Desk, the Spa and more. Being designed as an app for a mobile device, the product would ensure that guests have the capability to make and receive calls for hotel services anywhere on the hotel premises.

The Fix

The Solution

To turn their product concept into a working solution, the client reached out to Chetu, a certified software development company with extensive experience developing and integrating custom hospitality software. Chetu utilized SQL Lite database, Java programming language, and SVN source control tool to create an app for SIP calling that

  • Has defined user IDs and PIN for guests to easily register on the app's server and connect to their hotel.
  • Is accessible from the Android App Store for users to seamlessly download on their mobile device.
  • Provides a friendly user interface with various hotel services on speed dial for quick and convenient service.
  • Provides hotel staff with greater accessibility to reach guests anywhere on the property and vice versa.
Custom Android App
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