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By Atit Shah

Who is the client?

The client is an American corporation operating a chain of retail gas stations, primarily located in proximity to Walmart stores. This Fortune 500 company's locations vary from small kiosk locations to larger walk-in convenience stores.

Larger locations offer top food and beverage brands, with a wide choice of coffee, tea, fountain drinks, ICEEs, fresh food and beer, as well as cigarettes. Another variety of the client's locations feature large localities that measure around 1,200+ square feet, offering a diverse array of products and gas pumps with additional fueling lanes.

Custom Store Leveling Budget
Custom Store Leveling Budget

Improving Workflow & Conquering Capital Management

The client wanted to develop a store-level budgeting budgeting application with features for user/profile management, general and administrative (G&A) management, capital expenditure management, and profit and loss (P&L) reporting.

Additionally, the client wanted to have a complete workflow for all the mentioned features. This workflow would include various levels of specified approvers to review the documents before officially approving them.

Chetu Engineers Full-Service Business Budgeting Software

Chetu, a certified software development company with vast experience developing and integrating custom software, assisted the client and transitioned their vision into a highly intelligent application.

Chetu utilized the following technologies to transform the client’s concept to code…

The final deliverable allowed users to define their roles within the system, essentially maintaining a user management system for administrators to access in real-time. In leveraging this system our client developed a department hierarchy from which they could assign and access reports according to department.

In addition, the application includes a G&A management module. Chetu implemented an online template to facilitate the upload and review of expense reports. Users are able to manually input this data or upload a predefined excel sheet. All data is then transmitted to the planning department where multiple approvers can review or approve G&A budgets at various levels.

All users have the capacity to create projects and submit them for approval, while the P&L reporting module tracks the expenditure from each storefront.

Overall, Chetu matched the client with a robust store-level budgeting application solution tailored to their individual business climate. The application provided the perfect platform for greater ROI and stable spending habits across the client’s network of stores.

Custom Store Leveling Budget
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