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F&B Retailer Uses BigCommerce Partner for Migration and Customization

Modernist Pantry, a manufacturer and digitally native retailer of specialty cooking ingredients, retail cookware, gadgets, and cooking kits, wanted to develop a next-generation website moving from the Magento platform to BigCommerce.


Chetu’s level of professionalism is what really set them apart from other providers. They were the most transparent about their scope of work and pricing. Their management style and level of communication were by far the best parts of the experience for us. We watched our vision of our website coming true.

- Janie Wang, Co-Founder

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- Food & Beverage

- Retail

Technology Leveraged:

- BigCommerce Enterprise

- Handlebars


- ZenDesk

- Loyalty Lion

- Search Spring

- JustUno

Project Solution:

- BigCommerce Web Development

- BigCommerce Customization

- Seamless BigCommerce Integration

- BigCommerce Migration

The Client | Modernist Pantry

Modernist Pantry is primarily a direct-to-consumer retailer, selling their house brand products through both their online store and Amazon’s third-party marketplace. Their mission is to help cooks and food lovers transform ordinary meals into memorable and magical experiences, and as such, they needed an e-commerce platform to accurately reflect their vision.

To get the digital experiences they needed to scale their business, Modernist Pantry sought an experienced e-commerce development company - Chetu.

Modernist Pantry tasked Chetu developers to seamlessly migrate their website to a more flexible platform and program custom functionality that met the specific needs of their growing business.

Modernist Pantry Uses BigCommerce as an Ingredient for Growth

When Modernist Pantry came to Chetu, they had an existing website on the Magento 1.9 platform. The website was about 5 years old and every day it was becoming an increasingly outdated platform.

They knew that they had to move to another e-commerce solution quickly, as their legacy platform was inhibiting their ability to scale.

“Based on what we saw when we looked at some of the big players, like Shopify and Magento, we found that BigCommerce was easy to set up, user-intuitive, and easily integrated with our ERP system,” said Janie Wang, Co-Founder of Modernist Pantry. “BigCommerce seemed to have all the features that we were looking for, and for a price that was reasonable for a company of our size.”

BigCommerce is a leading headless e-commerce platform with highly flexible APIs for seamless integrations and scalability. Based on these factors, along with many others discovered through thorough research on the part of Modernist Pantry, they decided to migrate to BigCommerce.

The client wanted a certain look and feel for the website - one that would not be able to be achieved with other off-the-shelf e-commerce solutions. This is why they chose to use the BigCommerce platform with added feature customization to create the experience that best reflected their business.

As a recipe for success, modernist Pantry used Chetu, a Certified BigCommerce Partner, to re-platform their e-commerce store to BigCommerce Enterprise. This migration would ensure that they would have the back-end functionality to provide the ultimate customer experience.

Seamless Migrations: Whisking Data to BigCommerce

The Magento to BigCommerce migration required massive amounts of content and data to be moved. This included product pages with comprehensive product descriptions, details, and videos that orchestrated alongside the high-def pictures of their products.

Modernist Pantry also had an existing CMS system on the WordPress platform that hosted recipes, videos, and other educational content to provide customers with support and guidance on the use of their products.

Modernist Pantry’s blog page, Kitchen Alchemy, includes in-depth recipes and tips, as well as an “Ask a Chef” page that discusses common cooking challenges and how to solve them (similar to that of an advice column for cooking enthusiasts).

The “We Transform Food” page is a weekly podcast series that allows customers to explore innovative ingredients and modern cooking tools/gadgets used to transform food into special, memorable experiences.

To maintain data integrity, Chetu’s developers used Handlebars, a simple templating language, and HTML to migrate all of the data. Additionally, the client wanted to combine the blog and e-commerce store into a single domain for the sake of user experience and SEO purposes.

Chetu developers redirected all of their blog links to a blog page called Kitchen Alchemy to keep everything on one centralized platform.

Custom Integrations: Blending BigCommerce with Critical Apps

Harnessing the power of BigCommerce’s powerful third-party app integration capabilities, Chetu was able to give the client’s online store exactly what was needed to provide customers with the ultimate shopping experience.

Chetu integrated third-party applications to the new BigCommerce website, including Loyalty Lion, ZenDesk, Search Spring, and JustUno, and implemented Google Pay as the primary payment provider.

Loyalty Lion is a data-driven loyalty and engagement program designed to gain insights into what drives longer-lasting customer relationships. It also accelerated their existing marketing efforts by providing customers with loyalty points and other reward incentives to keep customers coming back.

Loyalty Lion was a smart choice for third-party integration, as it was rated 5 stars in the BigCommerce App Marketplace, and seamlessly integrates with all kinds of platforms and apps to support e-commerce growth.

ZenDesk, a powerful and flexible cloud-based customer service platform, integrates with various software systems and applications to deliver rich conversational experiences across all digital devices. Modernist Pantry opted for the ZenDesk integration so that they can connect with customers easily for both customer service and sales purposes.

Search Spring was an excellent choice for the client to integrate with since the app caters specifically to improving conversions and increasing revenue for e-commerce teams and merchandisers. Search Spring matches the client’s online shoppers to the most relevant products based on their purchase intent and behaviors, along with offering a plethora of other features that promote high conversions.

Chetu’s developers integrated the YouTube platform API to display “how-to” videos and tutorials, showcasing step-by-step processes for creating culinary masterpieces using many of the ingredients that are sold on the Modernist Pantry website.

Lastly, JustUno enables retailers to create personalized buying journeys through website messaging and targeted lead captures.

The client integrated JustUno with their BigCommerce website to increase their average order value (AOV) with AI-powered product recommendations, get unlimited traffic to support continuous growth, and optimize their conversion rates.

Back-End E-Commerce Programming: Sweetening BigCommerce Customization

Chetu’s developers programmed customized modules, widgets, and features that were necessary to build a highly functional and mobile responsive site.

For example, Chetu developed a custom, easy-to-use PayPal-powered checkout system, enabling customers to pay with their Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover card, and more.

Additionally, Modernist Pantry wanted a countdown timer that was custom-coded to notify customers of how much time they would have remaining to make a purchase in time to save on shipping costs.

They also wanted a widget that notifies the shopper of how much money they would need to spend (i.e. $35 or more) to qualify for free shipping.

Website Launch: Icing on the Cake

The end result was an innovative e-commerce website that showcases Modernist Pantry’s large catalog of a diverse range of products in a way that appeals to online shoppers and passionate cooks.

The website looked beautiful, the navigation was swift and smooth, and the checkout process was very simple, allowing customers to make quick, easy, and hassle-free purchases.

One of the most significant inherent benefits that the client saw after the BigCommerce website was deployed was an increase in their conversion rates. When they had their previous platform, they saw a conversion rate of about 2.7%. When they moved over to BigCommerce, their conversion rates increased to 4%.

“The team was able to deliver the website on time and within our budget, so we got the most value out of our IT dollars,” said Wang. “Chetu’s level of professionalism is what really set them apart from other providers. They were the most transparent about their scope of work and pricing. Their management style and level of communication were by far the best parts of the experience for us. We watched our vision of our website coming true.”

Having the proper accouterment allowed Modernist Pantry to get the flexibility and functionality that their business needed to usher in a new era of e-commerce.

Chetu and BigCommerce have partnered together to scale this food and beverage e-commerce platform with irresistible customer experiences and unparalleled back-end functionality.

With our intricate knowledge of e-commerce for the F&B industry blended with our extensive experience in custom software development, Chetu and BigCommerce created a recipe for success.

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