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By Jaideep Sharma

The Client

This client owns a large farm in Florida where they care for hundreds of horses. Not only does the client purchase horses from external parties, but they also breed their pre-existing assets internally. Their horses are trained, bred, and cared for in preparation for careers in horse racing.

This client is deeply immersed in the horse racing landscape, even operating a custom sports league application. When they reached out to Chetu, they already had a rough word-press application that they were hoping to refine.

the horses from horse betting software databases racing horse jump
the horses from horse betting software databases racing horse in screen

Chetu Dissects Pre-Existing Architecture

During the initial stages of project development, Chetu engineers carefully dissected the pre-existing code architecture, optimizing it as they sifted through. Ultimately, Chetu needed to build a stable version of the outdated application and perform application maintenance to the components they were keeping, providing access to the client after replicating.

Going a step further than a simple rebuild, the client also wanted to add more features in the platform and have complete visibility of the changes as the transformation occurred.

Refined Ux Facilitates Gamification

Of course the onslaught of the project began with bug fixes, performance optimization, and basic enhancements, but after working through these preliminary details the project progressed into something much more sophisticated.

During the project, Chetu implemented the following technologies:

Technologies Used

  • Programming Language – PHP 5.6.3
  • IDE – NetBeans 8.1
  • Web Server – Apache 2.0
  • Database – MYSQL 5.0.11
  • CMS – WordPress CMS 4.7.5
  • SVN for code check-in (TortoiseSVN 1.9.3)

Chetu recalibrated the event calendar, and programmed it to display in the widget area, displaying a photo of the horse scheduled to race and a profile card detailing statistics. We also added a countdown timer to the calendar, a step up from the old system, which had the calendar and timer as separate entities, requiring manual data input. The new calendar system, EventON, has an intelligent and sleek design, reducing manual entry points considerably.

In order to build the modern system the client was looking for, Chetu increased the responsiveness and recreated the UI from scratch, engineering microinteractions, display tooltips, adding icons, and user capabilities.

From the user side, you can now crate personal leagues, become a fan, and mark other users as opponents, tracking interactions and the win/loss history of your horse. All interactions with the application result in notifications describing your latest action or reminders of an upcoming event. Some examples of these notifications include the following:

  • Your next race is in 3 days
  • Your horse was 2nd in a race and made $1000
  • You just bought a horse
  • You just sold a horse, buy another one (linking to client's website)
  • You don't have enough money to buy this horse

These notifications gamify the application, creating a more robust user experience.

Lastly, Chetu included the client's logo on the front page, converting it to html so that it displays the same across all devices, supporting mobile and desktop versions.

the horses from horse betting software databases racing technology used
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