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Case Study


Chetu significantly boosted the client’s operational efficiency through seamless integration of QuickBooks Online into the client’s proprietary application.

  • Industry
    Real Estate
  • Technology Leveraged

    The technology leveraged on this project included:

  • PHP
  • Apache
  • QuickBooks (Third-Party Integration)

Project Solution

Increased operational efficiency by up to 30% on routine administrative and financial tasks, especially invoicing and account reconciliations by integrating QuickBooks Online into the client’s proprietary application.

This client provides affordable integration for the nation's leading title agency software applications. They offer signing services integration for existing software, allowing them to seamlessly and securely receive orders and pass information and status updates to their clients. Title agencies and vendors benefit from the company by providing a direct "system to system" connection without logging into vendor or third-party websites.

Our client had an existing application that creates the orders and changes their status once the record is manually entered in QuickBooks Online using some export and import CSV functionalities from the notary scheduling and order management application.

Our client wanted us to integrate QuickBooks into their existing product in both directions.


Our client prepared a shared development environment in AWS where we conducted the coding. Chetu performed each task in an Amazon WorkSpaces shared by the client.

First, we installed Amazon WorkSpaces on our local machine to perform any task suggested by the client. We logged in to the client’s platform and connected QuickBooks Online by creating the APIs according to the following scenarios:

QuickBooks Online Integration

Client’s Application To QuickBooks Online Flow (send/save)

Send these types of data and their mapping:

  1. Notary Bills (Use Order Number as Notary Bill Reference Number or File Number)

  2. Invoices (Use Order Number as Invoice Number or File Number as Invoice Number)

  3. Vendors

Client’s Application To QuickBooks Online Flow (resend/update)

Resend will execute only when:

  1. Invoice amount changes from order on client’s application

  2. Order is edited/saved

  3. Notary pays amount changes for order on client’s application

How It Works

Client’s Application-To-Quickbooks Online

The client’s application sends the data in exported form. We used the QuickBooks Online API to send the data to QuickBooks. The only parameter we needed to change was the file number when syncing to QuickBooks Online.

After triggering the QuickBooks Online API upon changing the order status to "invoiced," any subsequent edits or updates to the order will also require us to send information to QuickBooks Online, as detailed below.

Invoice updates are triggered when changes occur in the invoice amount or the notary pay amount in the client’s system, and these changes are saved. The update only occurs when the order is in the "Invoiced” status. Additionally, if an order transitions from the "Invoiced" status to any other status, expect "Cancelled" and then later return to the "Invoiced" status. An update will be sent to QuickBooks Online.

Invoice deletion is triggered in QuickBooks if the order status changes to "canceled." We included an option called "Vendor QuickBooks Online Sync" within the Vendor Export dropdown on the dashboard. This feature resends the vendor data for all vendors assigned to the order displayed on the dashboard. Syncing doesn't need to be linked to a specific order; the vendor data can be sent independently. This functionality is necessary because a vendor updates their payment information on their notary profile after an order has been invoiced and already synced to QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Online-to-Client’s Application

Invoices paid on QuickBooks Online sync to the client’s application, updating the order status to "Paid." We explored options in case a QuickBooks Online invoice was mistakenly marked as paid and corrected later. QuickBooks Online would sync back unpaid invoices to the client’s application, reverting the status to "Invoiced."


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