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Chetu Develops Intelligent Pos System For Wild Birds Unlimited

Wild Birds Unlimited is a chain of retail stores specializing in birdseed, bird feeders, and bird feeding supplies. Chetu helped develop a set of tools that would permit its franchise store owners to gain better insights into the data available in their POS system.

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The new software tools has given our WBU franchise store owners a new sense of 'empowerment' over their business at the local level, and helps provide system wide insights and analysis to the staff plus leadership team at the corporate level. Our ability to have quick access to data enables us to be agile in changing market conditions and helps us remain the leader in our industry.

- Charles Braganza, Executive Information Systems Manager


- Retail

Project Solutions:

- POS System

- Reporting Tools

- Analytics

Technology Used:

- Salesforce Lightning

- Visualforce

- Office 365

- SQL Server

- SSRS Reports

- .NET

Robust POS System Integration

Realizing that retailers with fragmented, legacy point of sale systems, lax data collection methods or insolvent inventory management platforms suffer from a dissonance in data that can lead to a loss of profits, Wild Birds Unlimited sought a total system overhaul with Chetu.

The increased complexity of managing daily retail operations has predicated the need for stores to implement extensive Point-of-Sale (POS) systems that seamlessly integrate with inventory management systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, and analytics modules.

Robust POS systems that are properly integrated facilitate access to real-time, on-demand reports of critical business metrics. This information is relied on by decision makers to make sound, profitable choices.

Streamline POS Maintenance Operations

Why They Chose Chetu

As a fast growing organization, WBU wanted to develop a set of tools that would permit its franchise store owners to gain better insights into the data available in their POS system, as well as help increase efficiencies in the store by streamlining POS maintenance operations.

Planning And Development

WBU was looking to develop a POS and analytics software solution that would enlighten each WBU franchise owner to their store's operational statistics, as well as allow upper management to analyze data from each store's sales receipts, individual customer databases and stock inventory systems.

WBU required an integration of their POS infrastructure to a robust analytics platform to…

Analytics & Reporting Software

Chetu worked with WBU to develop a tool with a set of modules that consisted of:

Technologies implemented:

Through custom implementations, Chetu provided a user friendly front-end dashboard with an intuitive User Interface (UI) to view the highly complex material. The specific technologies used include…

Using .Net and SQL programming languages, Chetu developed the POS tools to seamlessly integrate with WBU's POS platform.

Leveraging WBU's in house data warehouse, Chetu utilized SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to provide WBU's corporate offices quick and easy access to individual store metrics. With a combination of SQL Reporting Services and custom UI design, WBU was able to pull data reports based on region, age, total sales, average visits, number of transactions, as well as itemized and specific reports that detailed each store's profits.

Additionally, the new system allowed management to enhance WBU's customer loyalty program called the Daily Savings Club (DSC). The company was able to generate reports in a tabular format that could record and rank stores by number of members, overall sales, average ticket, average visits, annual sales, and renewal percentage.

Upgraded Productivity

WBU quickly realized the value of the software upgrades. By upgrading their point-of-sale system and implementing more detailed reporting and inventory analysis tools, Wild Birds Unlimited was able to more acutely monitor their core customer base, while improving operational efficiencies.



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