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CAP Software, a point-of-sale software developer that services retailers, wanted to upgrade their systems functionalities to better assist their clients.

Retail Pos System

Chetu really helped us speed up development of our new code projects without taking on expensive new in-house developers. The Chetu team has also given us greater flexibility as we develop new modules and features.

- Will Atkinson, President

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- Retail

Project Solutions:

- POS Solutions

- Payment Processing

- POS Dashboard

- Retail Management

Technology Used:

- Visual Studio 2013

- VB.Net

- Entity Framework 6.0

- Microsoft TFS

- SQL Server 2012

Retail Software Solutions

CAP Software services small and medium businesses in a variety of verticals such as liquor stores, small grocery, apparel, sporting goods, and more. To successfully heighten the system's functionality Chetu's developers went through each module of the existing application to determine which process enhancements needed to be made.

The essential operations to focus on during this project were the reporting tools, inventory controls, tag and label printing, CRM functions, and payment processing integrations. The overall objective was to improve the POS application. Chetu's developers have experience with system integrations, online payment processing, and customizing terminals, dashboards, and applications.

Enhanced Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems

CAP Software needed to enhance their core product for retailers, the SellWise Pro system, with custom development to save cost and time, while continuing to maintain an active customer base. Developed for retail management, SellWise Pro is a POS system that assists both customers and operating users. CAP Software's current POS system was built with VB.Net and Chetu's developers used the JIRA dashboard to manage system upgrades.

The POS enhancements enable store users to more quickly search for products, search hot keys, and speed operations. The hot keys screen allows sales members to quickly select items without scanning or typing, thus allowing for faster transaction processing and better customer service. The name look up screen is a module for sales members to add and view a customer's information including, total sale amount, account history, and sales history for accurate record keeping.

The upgraded operations screen allows users to perform functions like viewing the cash drawer report, drawer counts, work orders, layaways, gift cards, online orders, and more. The entire dashboard was redesigned and optimized to improve workflow and efficiency. Retail management users are now able to turn their data into growth by scaling their business with an updated POS system.

Retail POS System

SellWise Pro is an updated back office POS solution that helps retail users manage every aspect of their stores, especially buying patterns. Inventory operations and vendor management processes are automated and easily manageable with the new system. Leaning on Chetu's expertise from insights on graphic design and dash boarding helped speed up the completion date, while providing a user-friendly design.

Chetu delivers terminal interface upgrades to your POS system ensuring all data is secured during the process and integrates CRM applications with automated and customizable features. SellWise Pro now let's retailers spend less time on inventory and more time on increasing sales and customer service.



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