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Tech Start-Up Innovates Sports Betting With Game-Changing App

SWX Technologies hired Chetu’s sports betting software development experts to create an innovative sports wagering platform.


Chetu had strong experience developing sports wagering applications and there wasn’t any learning curve. Chetu has good software expertise in terms of languages and systems.

-Nick Kennedy, CEO of SWX Technologies

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Technology Leveraged:

- Bootstrap 5

- JQuery


- CSS3

- Java Script

- Flutter

- Android Studio

Project Solution:

- Custom Sports Wagering Mobile App

SWX Technologies: Innovative Exchange Wagering Platform

SWX Technologies is a Washington, D.C.-based tech start-up working to revolutionize mobile sports wagering by applying the same ethos of securities and commodities trading to all wagers. Sports bettors can purchase and sell wagers like stocks on an exchange.

SWX aims to increase profits for sportsbooks and bettors while enhancing the entertainment value of sports wagering. SWX Technologies wanted their custom mobile application to enable bettors to deposit money, place wagers, and redeem winnings. Additionally, they wanted an online platform for operators to manage the players and schedule events.

“We are a sports wagering application that focuses on a new way to bet on sports. We’re a tech company focused solely on the D.C. market and hope to break into more states as they become regulated. The industry is consolidated to just a handful of companies that dominate the market and there doesn’t seem to be differentiated products or a lot of innovation,” said Nicholas Kennedy, CEO of SWX Technologies.

Asked to expand on his views of the competitive sports wagering market, he added

“Europe is way ahead of the U.S. with differentiated products. There are less strict regulations and sports wagering is more ubiquitous there. We hope to ride that wave by offering our own differentiated product.”

Leveraging BootStrap 5 For Cutting-Edge Sports Wagering App

SWX Technologies needed to roll out their mobile sports wagering app to offer end users a new and engaging way to wager on sports. Chetu’s next-level sports betting app development team worked to create a custom, mobile app for SWX Technologies that is compatible with iOS and Android for players along with a web application for operators.

The mobile app uses REST API services to interact with the database. Data transmission is formatted in JSON. Chetu utilized Bootstrap 5, HTML, CSS3, Java Script, and JQuery for the operator application.

Bootstrap 5 uses Collapse JavaScript plugin and custom HTML and CSS support to make Bootstrap more versatile for developers. Bootstrap 5 now uses grid updates for easier form layout and features a new utility API. Additionally, Bootstrap enables more customizing options, including several new color palettes to further enhance projects.

“Chetu had strong experience developing sports wagering applications and there wasn’t any learning curve. Chetu has good software expertise in terms of languages and systems,” Kennedy said.

Custom Sports Betting App Development

Chetu’s expert-level developers worked to create a fully customized mobile app for SWX Technologies. Chetu created the mobile player application using Dart programming language via Flutter, and Android Studio.

Web application development comprised of Chetu working within the latest framework of Bootstrap 5 and JQuery. QA testing was completed on Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Chetu conducted mobile player QA testing on Android and iOS platforms. SWX Technologies provided Android Emulator, Android OS 6.0, and iPhone Simulator for additional testing.

SWX Technologies tasked Chetu with creating a custom operators application environment with the following components:

  • Login

  • Dashboard

  • Book management screen

  • Balance screen

  • Risk management dashboard

  • Market information

  • Book financials

Chetu then worked to build a custom player application environment with the following components:

  • Signup

  • Login

  • Dashboard

  • Account management screen

  • Account balance screen

  • Wagering history screen

  • Account limit screen

“We were looking for resources to help us with the rollout of our technology in DC. When I researched companies online, Chetu was listed as one of the best outsourcing software developers with a focus on sports wagering development technology,” Kennedy said. “We were satisfied with Chetu and it was a good product.”

Custom App Development Facilitates New End-User Experiences

SWX Technologies is working to earn regulatory approval but Kennedy remains positive once obtaining approval, his company will be poised to offer a more enhanced sports wagering experience.

“There is a lot of red tape to go through when applying for licensing and certification. It’s a worthwhile process because once you succeed, you’re already differentiated from other companies because only a handful gets approved and are regulated by the state to be operational. Once we’re regulated we can roll out more products. I look forward to working together with Chetu in the future if needed,” Kennedy said.

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