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Chetu Implements an Apache Spark Process in Java for Data-Driven Video Conversion App

JUMP Data-Driven Video provides business data management platforms for the video industry and hired Chetu to convert raw data into recurring analytic data to track KPI’s.

We were very happy with Chetu’s exponential services at an affordable price.

- Silvia Werd Elias, Marketing Director

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- Media and Entertainment

- Video

Project Solutions:

- Apache Spark

- KPI Tracking

- Data Analytics

- Data Management

Technology Used:

- Apache Spark

- Java

Video Conversion Service

JUMP Data-Driven Video provides a business toolkit for video service providers to increase retention, customer engagement, content personalization, and marketing performance to ramp up businesses’ ROI. JUMP’s platform accumulates video service providers’ backend and frontend data sources that are enriched through big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities.

As the video industry is continuously growing, JUMP wanted to adapt to new technology and evolve. Chetu’s developers were tasked with creating an Apache Spark process in Java that accepted parameters for specific data indicators to improve the workflow. Indicators within the application included transaction data, subscription information, and KPI analytics.

Data Management Platform

One objective was to create an Apache Spark process in Java that converted raw data from Cleeng into a customized data warehouse table. Chetu’s engineers were first required to analyze the frameworks used in the app to write the code using Java and Spark to read the CVS files, thus perform different transformations.

The next mission was to develop three additional Apache Spark processes in Java that converted analytics data from several KPI’s including, monthly recurring revenues, average revenue per user, and customer lifetime value. To control the execution dates of processes that originally ran Chetu’s developers had to use an external PostgreSQL database.

We provide business intelligence (BI) data warehouse services, including the engineering of central repositories, to extract, transform, and load data from disparate platforms and applications. Chetu’s developers can seamlessly construct multiple nodes for data aggregation, securing the data clusters safely in the cloud or on-premises databases for data mining, filtering, and cleansing.

Data Analytics Software

After the solution was deployed, JUMP saw many benefits including, customer retention and accurate data analytics. While in production, JUMP appreciated Chetu’s comfortability with the workflow and the ability to stay up-to-speed on development. We build custom BI solutions for desktops, mobile devices, and browser apps, complete with personalized and customizable business intelligence dashboards that offer real-time visibility on KPIs.

Chetu develops world-class video production software with robust features to cater to the media and entertainment industry. We also provide customized, robust solutions for video asset management systems that store all file types in an organized and manageable way.



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