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Flight Operations & Scheduling Solutions

  • Custom cloud-based, multi-tenant flight operations management software development including scheduling, dispatching, events monitoring, and other features for small to enterprise-level airlines, helicopter, and other aviation sub industries
  • We program scheduling and dispatch modules for managing crew, aircrafts, flights, and passenger logistics
  • Flight planning modules including fuel usage projections, emissions, distance / time management, time zone changes, route, Minimum Equipment Lists (MEL), airport destinations, slot management, navigation, departures / arrivals, itineraries, Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) messaging, and other features
  • Crew management modules including crew positions and qualifications data, duty / rest time, training requirements / history tracking, and recent experience, plus custom rules-based queries to schedule personnel
  • Flight logging software programming including flight events tracking (engine start, take off, landing, etc.), aircraft / crew records, expenses tracking, fuel tracking, and custom events / entries programming with custom reporting modules including rate sheets, quotes, invoices, log forms, trip sheets, and more
  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) apps and document management solutions for centralized storage of general operations manuals, Flight Crew Operating Manuals (FCOM), Quick Reference Handbooks (QRH), custom document creation, and more
  • We facilitate data link and operational messaging for sending and receiving Air Transport Industry (ATI) messages including MVT (Movement), LDM (Load), Eurocontrol, and more

Airline & Aviation Software Solutions

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Chetu is the premier provider of custom flight operations and scheduling software development solutions for businesses worldwide. Consult our software solutions specialists now to discuss how our software development services will help you overcome your technology challenges.

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