Custom Digital Marketing Solutions for Car Dealerships

Written by Ashish Kumar Posted May 17, 2017 by Carolina
Ashish Kumar

Ashish Kumar


For 15+ years the client has delivered cutting-edge, highly creative digital marketing solutions and easy-to-run advertising campaigns for their partners. The client is a highly recognized, privately held business that maintains a profit first philosophy when it comes to providing unparalleled results and a first class customer experience to customers throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Russia and Australia.

The Problem

The client wanted to develop a series of projects:

  1. A CRM for car dealerships to record customer service information and send automatic surveys to rate their satisfaction with the service they received;
  2. An online relationship management application so dealerships can log into their personal portal and see customer ratings from various social media feeds like Yelp, Google+, Facebook, and;
  3. And an application with the ability for car dealerships to advertise themselves locally.

The Solution

Chetu, a certified software development company with extensive experience developing and integrating custom digital marketing software, used several tools and technologies to build the client's projects:

  • Language: PHP 5.5
  • Content management system: WordPress
  • Database: MySQL 5.5
  • Browsers: IE9/IE10, Firefox 30+, Chrome, Safari
  • O/S: Linux
  • Web Server: Apache 2.4
  • Custom built WordPress plugins
  • Question Pro API
  • Google Drive API

During development, however, integrations with the social platforms sometimes did not allow for a direct response from the app. Chetu relied on research and communication with technology departments from the platforms having integration issues to finally overcome the problem. In the end, the solutions provided by Chetu produced a series of digital marketing solutions for the client that featured:

  • Parsing TXT files, filtering and creating CSV files,
  • CSV file processing to Create Group Email List on Question Pro panel and Sending out the survey,
  • Uploading processed files on Google Drive,
  • FTP Client Settings,
  • Question Pro API settings,
  • Google Drive Settings,
  • And Log Management capabilities.

These technologies thus provided the client with the necessary tools to offer their customer a survey management application using data fed from their CRM system, an online relationship management app with individual login access featuring a dashboard so car dealers can see customers' ratings from various social media platforms, and an application car dealers can use to run location-based advertisements/promotions.


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