SAP HANA 2025 Migration

sap hanna 2025deadline migration

SAP has declared the end of its product support for:

ERP Central Component (ECC)

This deadline is set to migrate its latest platform SAP S/4HANA & end Support to customers on Legacy Software

How Is Your Business Affected?

What does this mean for its customers that don’t move?

1) These customers will no longer receive any updates, security or otherwise.

2) Customers will no longer be able to access official support to resolve technical queries.

Know Your Game-Plan

Plan for S/4HANA is Now

While 21% of large enterprise have yet to begin planning their migration, that number jumps to 71% for enterprises with less than $1 billion in revenue

For enterprises running SAP ECC, the question isn’t whether to migrate to S/4HANA:

It’s when... How much it will cost? How best to deploy it?

High Demand for SAP Expertise Nearly 90% of respondents have already started seeking a dedicated professional team to assist with a seamless migration and uphold data integrity before the deadlines comes closer.

HANA Strategy 101

Waiting=Scarce Resources + Increased Cost

Migrating to SAP HANA can be a big undertaking. With forethought & planning, though, it can be a manageable process that delivers many business benefits

As we get closer to 2025, there will likely be a rush of activity to make the move to S/4HANA.

Chetu & SAP HANA Migration

Having worked with hundreds of SAP clients, we offer unparalleled experience in SAP upgrades, implementations and migrations.

Start a conversation with us and we can help your Business migrate seamlessly ahead of the curve.

Chetu Inc.

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