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SAP HANA 2025 Deadline for Migration

Dave WoodBy: Dave Wood


Pulling the Plug on HANA

The clock is ticking for many businesses who use SAP's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. If you have not migrated over to S/4HANA or started your migration plan then you're on a deadline for 2025.

Between now and 2025 SAP will be preparing to end the maintenance on all of its Enterprise Resource Planning installations. The exact software that will be impacted includes SAP Business Suite which has elements of PLM, SCM, and CRM. Along with this interruption, SAP will also bring an end to its maintenance for SAP ERP Central Component or ECC.

Pre-Configuration vs Custom Software Development

When researching other platforms it is important to look for automated tools and optimized pre-configured solutions. This 2025 deadline puts SAP customers into a tough situation that requires urgent decision making in regards to their on their software needs. Decisions such as prioritizing the necessary functionality of an outdated process over legacy platforms they should keep in operation. Furthermore, they will need to consider which 2025 S/4HANA roadmap technologies they should bring online or gear up to bring online.

Today's world is built on customization and with this technology infrastructure shift, most businesses will find that a cookie cutter approach will not bring a smooth transition. It's important to consider reviewing reputable custom software development companies that can assist with seamless migration, uphold your data integrity, all while your business stays running 24/7.

Should Businesses with SAP Really Act Now?

So what exactly will happen if you decide to stick with SAP through this migration?

First, with new technology comes new infrastructure. Linux is the only operating system that runs HANA and that means when you migrate to S/4HANA it will require you to have HANA as a database.

Second, before jumping in head first, your business will need to set up a proof of concept to map out and create a prototype of your critical business processes that need to be migrated.

Third, to keep your business running smoothly there will also need to be a testing environment for the migration and training all users on the new software.

Heed the SAP HANA Urgency Warnings Now

There is a definite deadline of December 31, 2025, for SAP to halt any updates, security, and support for customers on the legacy software. This means customers will find they no longer can access the official support to resolve technical queries.

SAP development companies may start to see a big influx of projects to take on soon and that can lead to shortages and thus the demand is predicted to drive up the cost of these services. If you are a small to medium-sized enterprise you will want to jump into the Migration process soon before resources become scarce/

Avoid a Double Move

When companies try to use their own IT department to run the business and handle the migrations of all their software they can run into major roadblocks. This ends up extending the time for migration, adding to costs and potential data loss.

You want to make sure your IT department continues maintaining internal processes to run your business while a professional software development company assists with the migration.

Having SAP experts assist in the migration is the best way to approach this transition.

Future Proof Your SAP Software Investment

Driving your business forward means investing in the latest technology with SAP S/4HANA. Once transitioned to SAP S/4HANA you can begin creating new solutions that will keep your business growing.

Waiting 2 or 3 years down the road to migrate increases your risk of issues with legacy software. SAP wants all its customers to have the new user experience, machine learning, and other new technologies that are being pushed towards SAP's S/4HANA innovative solutions.


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