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Written by Atit Shah Posted May 4, 2017 by Carolina
Atit Shah

Atit Shah


The client has 37+ years of experience providing comprehensive ERP software solutions for wholesale food distributors. On several occasions, they have partnered with industry leaders to offer reliable software for inventory, traceability, and accounting to their wide client base. The client is uniquely committed to ensuring their software fully complies with traceability requirements set upon by meat, fish, poultry, grocery and government agencies.

The Problem

The client wanted to develop a cross-platform application for iOS and Android handheld devices that would allow food distributors across the US and Canada to streamline their operations. The client wanted their application to let pickers operate more efficiently when picking sales orders and scanning bar codes. The ability to scan barcodes was essential as doing so ensures more accurate traceability. By employing this technology, customers would have the means to access a product's information, and vendors would be aware of the status of their orders throughout the entirety of the supply chain process. The client had envisioned that their application would enable a more automated process in the warehouse environment.

At the client's request, the application also needed to be able to perform certain jobs functions for the allocation and/or non-allocation of orders, lot control, and catch weight items. It was imperative that the application could assist pickers in identifying orders that have already been allocated and those that have not, as well as a combination of the two where only some items have been allocated. With the help of this application, pickers would be able to specify a lot (or confirm the lot if pre-allocated) at the time of picking. Additionally, to simplify the picking process, this lot control feature needed to have an option to be turned off if operations in a warehouse do not require lots to be tracked. The catch weight items feature of the application would enable items to be processed efficiently through the use of weight barcodes.

The Solution

The client entrusted Chetu, a certified software development company with vast experience developing and integrating custom supply chain software, to assist them in bringing their idea to fruition. Chetu immediately got to work, using the PhoneGap framework in combination with programming languages like HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, and WebAPI to create a cross-platform application that:

  • Provides real-time, accurate order tracking information needed to successfully operate any food distribution company in today's modernized environment.
  • Automates warehouse operations through the enablement of secure barcode scanning technology.
  • Helps easily manage goods and supplies, as well as allocate orders to calculate precise inventory turnover.
  • Satisfies the need to have a user-friendly cross-platform application that allows distributors to improve overall employee productivity and warehouse processes.


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