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How to Choose a Channel Partner Program

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Would you like to expand your software business? Do you lack the resources to hire and train additional developers? Then you should partner with a custom software development company. The best way to do that is to join a channel partner program.

Becoming a Software Channel Partner

Choosing the right program isn’t hard. To get started, look for a software development company that has been around for many years. Longevity is a good sign.

Next, find out if the development company has strategic partnerships with industry-leading technology companies. Those partnerships are a sign that the company commands respect in the business world.

Lastly, check to see if the company has received awards and other types of recognition in the past few years. In the tech sector, software companies only win awards by consistently providing best-in-class products and services.

Using Partnerships for Client Retention and Acquisition

Chetu works closely with channel partners who want to create profitable business opportunities. We do so by using our team of expert-level developers to help partners offer additional support and services to current clients and new clients. So, our partners benefit from improvements in client retention and acquisition.

We also believe that an effective channel partner program should be flexible. Software proprietors and off-the-shelf software providers should be able to use the program through either a white-label arrangement, direct affiliation, or through business referrals.

Types of Channel Partnerships

In the white-label arrangement, the channel partner obtains a custom software solution from the development company that administers the channel partner program. The partner then pays the development company after invoicing the client at a higher price.

A channel partner can also choose to be a direct affiliate, which involves having the development company serve the partner’s client directly. As a result, the partner will profit throughout the project.

Some partners prefer a hands-off approach. That’s why they send business referrals and receive a flat rate for each referral.

Picking a Software Development Company

When looking for a software development company that has a good channel partner program, pick a company that has a holistic understanding of the software industry. That company will be able to provide guidance on a wide range of software applications, including software for CRM, ERP, POS, and much more.

A good development company will also be willing to get trained and certified on your software and will provide a portal where you can track leads that you’ve submitted.

Make sure you choose a development company whose channel partner program will enable you to offer your clients several key services: software customization, integrations, custom implementation, migrations and upgrades, plugin/extension development, and block-of-hours support.

Software Customization

It’s common for clients to ask for software customization. That doesn’t mean that you have the time to modify a user interface or develop custom software modules. A good software partner can make those changes for you, helping you retain your clients.


You may have developed an amazing CRM or ERP solution, but it’s very likely that current or new clients will want you to integrate your solution with their systems. Don’t lose clients because you don’t have enough developers to do integrations. Use a channel partner program to get the resources you need.

Custom Implementation

Even if you’ve created the best document management system or computer telephony software, someone is going to need help implementing your creation. The right channel partner program can give you access to developers who can configure, customize, and integrate your software for your clients.

Migrations and Upgrades

Maybe you’ve developed an amazing online shopping cart system. Companies may have even contacted you because they want to dump their current system and migrate to your platform. But, moving an e-commerce website to another platform isn’t simple. That’s why you should leverage the power of a channel partner program. A good program will enable you to offer software upgrade services, too.

Plugin/Extension Development

Perhaps you’ve just launched your own SaaS content management system. You may have even started offering plugins for caching, contact forms, page building, and SEO. Invariably, someone is going to want a plugin that is not yet available. Or you may receive requests for extensions to your current plugins. Don’t get bogged down by plugin or extension development. The right software partner can help.

Block-of-Hours Support

Everybody has a budget. That’s why some of your clients might not want to pay a flat rate for product support. You can still profit if you partner with a company that can offer block-of-hours support.

Join Chetu’s Channel Partner Program

Are you ready to scale your business? Would you like your software company to grow without adding additional overhead?

Then it’s time for you to join the Chetu Channel Partner Program. Get started by contacting us now!

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