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SharePoint Key Interview Questions to Hire Experienced Developers

Dave WoodBy: Dave Wood


Mid-sized and large businesses can benefit from implementing SharePoint. This is a web-based system for collaboration that integrates security features, list databases, and workflow applications to enable better collaboration between business teams. SharePoint provides companies with the power to control who can access the information and to automate processes across different divisions.

SharePoint Online is Microsoft's cloud version of this system. It works well with many other offerings from Microsoft with a Microsoft 365 or Office 365 license.

SharePoint helps improve a company's bottom line in measurable ways. Having strong SharePoint developers can help your business to grow since they offer expert insight into the business environment's technical components. When your business is wanting to implement and integrate SharePoint, knowing what to look for in an experienced developer is critical. You will also need to know how to ask the right SharePoint developer interview question.

Skills any SharePoint Developer Should Have

A SharePoint platform is complex and unified and requires more than basic programming skills to meet a business's needs. In addition to having programming skills that are needed for the framework, SharePoint developers should also have a deep understanding of how the business will be affected by the implementation of SharePoint so that the platform can be customized to meet the needs of the business and its end-users. For these reasons, you should look for SharePoint developers who possess the following skills.

Excellent communication skills

SharePoint developers might work in many different business locations, including those that are overseas. Having strong communication skills is critical to facilitate rapport-building and to aid in understanding the complex needs of a business and the different scenarios that might be encountered.

Strong programming skills

SharePoint developers should have strong programming skills in a variety of languages, including .Net, JavaScript, HTML, Jquery, and others. They should also have good knowledge of associated servers and administration, including SQL Server Administration, active directory control, and Windows Server Administration.

Ability to create customized web parts

The basic units of web pages within the SharePoint environment are web parts, which are essential components. Users can use web parts to modify, create, and change web pages. By having the skills needed to create customized web parts, a SharePoint developer can create a solution for different problems. This requires the developer to have a mastery of programming skills using .Net.

Solid understanding of the industry's processes

To offer the greatest benefit to a company, a SharePoint developer should understand how a company's efficiency will be improved by the platform's features. A SharePoint developer should understand how to help to increase the efficient management of daily tasks within a specific industry.

Relevant Microsoft certifications

Since SharePoint is a flagship Microsoft product, the company offers multiple certifications for SharePoint developers. To obtain the relevant certifications, developers are required to show that they possess the continued ability to customize SharePoint to meet the needs of businesses and end-users.

Web design skills

Corporate intranets and extranet portals can both be built with SharePoint. A good SharePoint system will include a centralized platform through which external and internal stakeholders can meet and effectively collaborate with each other. To make the system work, a SharePoint developer needs to have a good knowledge of web design so that he or she can create and develop a SharePoint site that functions properly.

Skills any SharePoint Developer Should Have

SharePoint Interview Questions

Finding good SharePoint developers can be a difficult process. Understanding the right SharePoint developer interviewing questions to ask can help to identify the right prospects. In addition to these questions, you can add more to evaluate each candidate's knowledge and skill set. Here is a non-exhaustive list of questions that you might consider asking in an interview.

  • 1. When you use SharePoint Web Services to retrieve list items, what explicit credentials do you use to gain access to the items on the list? When will you need to state those credentials using code?

  • 2. Imagine that you are developing a custom solution in SharePoint 2019 that writes data to a list that end-users might not have the ability to access. What steps would you take to ensure that the application will always function correctly instead of returning an error?

  • 3. How do you integrate SharePoint 2010 with an SQL database that is not offered by Microsoft?

  • 4. What are the different available types of extensions for client model objects in SharePoint 2019? When would you choose one versus another?

  • 5. When you are using the SharePoint Web Service from an application or your web part, how would user credentials be passed?

  • 6. Explain how a Different Site Collection would be used for a new site.

  • 7. How can results be returned from all of the list folders using SPQuery?

  • 8. How can you create a deployable package by combining a site column and a content type?

  • 9. How do you upgrade a service applications database to SharePoint 2019?

  • 10. How are workflows migrated to SharePoint 2019?

  • 11. How are site collections migrated to SharePoint 2019?

  • 12. Can Sandbox solutions be created and deployed in SharePoint 2019?

  • 13. How do you move a classic team site to a modern team site in SharePoint 2019?

  • 14. How can you create input forms for a workflow?

  • 15. What types of input forms can you create for a workflow?

  • 16. How do you create links to mapped network drives?

  • 17. What are the upgrades and new features recently added in SharePoint?

When you are preparing to interview a prospective candidate, you should create interview questions that you derive from actual issues that are sometimes encountered at your company. When you base the questions you ask on a problem that was recently solved, you can gain more information about the quality of work you can expect.

SharePoint Interview Questions

Spend Time Interviewing the Right Candidates

Take more time during the hiring process to find the right SharePoint developer. When you spend more time, you are likelier to find someone who will exceed your expectations.

You can save some time during the initial screening phase by using pre-employment assessment screens to weed out candidates who do not possess the technical skills and knowledge that you need. You can ask candidates to take an online test to demonstrate their practical knowledge of SharePoint 2016 and 2019. This can help you to evaluate each candidate's knowledge so that you can weed out those who do not have the necessary skills and interview those who demonstrate strong levels of theoretical and practical knowledge.

SharePoint can help to transform and modernize your business and increase its efficiency and operations through increased collaboration. Understanding how to find the right SharePoint developer by asking good SharePoint interview questions is important to ensure that your SharePoint implementation will be successful. Chetu offers Microsoft SharePoint services and can help with implementation, roll-out, integration, migration, customization, and configuration to meet the needs of many different types of businesses.

Spend Time Interviewing the Right Candidates


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