By Pravin Vazirani

Client Overview

The client is an established multi-million dollar software development firm with over 25 years of experience. As a privately held company, the client specializes in software consulting and building custom applications and software platforms for the insurance, accounting, legal, oil, and gas markets.

Claims Data Transfer
Claims Data Transfer

Project Overview

The client had a cloud-based Claims Management system that supports end-to-end claims processing and streamlines claim settlements. The objective of the project was to create a bi-directional data transfer system with Xactimate to export and import claims assignments, status, notes, and documents. This required integration with XactAnalysis that uses SOAP-based XML API and FTP protocol for data transfer. In addition, Xactimate supports configurations and settings to trigger export from XactAnalysis. These triggers are set on field status changes in Xactimate claims forms.

The Fix

The Solution

With the support from Xactware, Chetu was able to complete the integration using the newly introduced XactAnalysis, SOAP-based, XML API. Chetu created the following services to import data from Xactimate into the client's claim management system. These services were set-up in XactAnalysis and were triggered by Xactimate.

  • ImportEstimateReport
  • ImportNote
  • ImportActivityDiary
  • ImportStatus
  • ImportCustomerDocument

We created the following set of services to export claims data from the client's system into Xactimate using XactAnalysis.

  • ExportAssignment
  • ExportNotes
  • ExportStatus
Claims Data Transfer
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