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Case Study Summaries

Check out some of our past work on complex projects for SMBs and enterprise-size businesses.

Travel Map Company Seeks Digital Growth With Upgraded Website

Discovery Map, an industry leader in travel maps providing hyper-local maps to enhance visitor experiences wanted to grow its digital footprint. Chetu was tasked with enhancing Discovery Map’s webpage and leveraged Ubuntu to build a more streamlined website for its 120 franchisees. Chetu boosted Discovery Map’s digital collateral, ultimately making the site more functional for users.
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Cultivating Success With Operations Management Software

Ervinas is a business consulting and services firm serving clients in heavily regulated markets. Ervinas partnered with Chetu to extensively redevelop its operations management software to incorporate features, optimize workflows, and further expand its functionality to enrich the company’s full suite of services. Chetu’s developers successfully executed changes and rendered improvements that increased efficiency and regulatory compliance throughout end-user operations. Read More

U-Send Streamlines User Experience with Custom Mobile App

U-Send is a mail forwarding service that provides a wide range of premium mailing and shipping services to domestic and international customers. U-Send enlisted Chetu to redevelop its web and mobile applications to improve functionality and implement additional features. Chetu developers successfully engineered an updated, streamlined user experience via secure, state-of-the-art web and mobile applications. Read More

Blockchain Social Media Platform Unveils New Metaverse Game

FaceKindle, a blockchain social media platform wanted to enhance its website and create a Metaverse game titled War for Earth. Chetu was tasked with designing original 3D assets and NFTs for War for Earth. Chetu’s developers enhanced the client’s website and created original characters for the official War for Earth teaser. Read More

Property Inspection Company Employs Custom Franchise Management Software

National Property Inspections, an industry leader in home and commercial property inspections enlisted Chetu’s software development experts to build a custom franchise management system and web-based CRM platform. Chetu engineered a total tailored solution that enables the client to build and track franchises and facilitate lead generation, among other capabilities.
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Tech Start-Up Innovates Sports Betting With Game-Changing App

SWX Technologies is a tech start-up working to innovate mobile sports wagering by applying the same ethos of securities and commodities trading to all wagers. Chetu was tasked with designing and building a custom app to assist launching SWX Technologies new sports wagering business. Chetu’s developers designed and implemented a full custom app to assist with the client’s ambitious goal of a new and engaging sports wagering experience for users. Read More

Cybersecurity Company White-Labels University Website Upgrade

FamTeck is a cybersecurity software company focused on database application layer protection, IT consulting, e-business suite plugins, and Drupal web development. FamTeck white-labeled Chetu’s custom web development services to upgrade and streamline the Rutgers University Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology (GSAPP) website. Chetu’s web development experts created a more positive end-user experience, optimizing GSAPP’s site for easier navigation. Read More

TBD Creative House Uses Blockchain Technology for Film Financing

TBD Creative House, a media production company, took an innovative approach to funding creative projects: blockchain technology. The Toronto-based creative group hired Chetu to develop blockchain middleware software for their crypto financing concept. Chetu developed a custom solution for the client that incorporated transaction and payment management, exchange and staking capabilities. Read More

PMI Americas Increases Number of Banking Software Users

PMI Americas is a global payment services provider who sought to ensure a seamless user experience for their web-based banking portal. Chetu was hired for manual QA testing of the client’s banking portal. Chetu’s QA team successfully tested the web-based software on different devices and implemented changes that resulted in a more user-friendly experience that increased customer engagement. Read More


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