By Atit Shah

Client Overview

The client is an established corporation that has been providing quality furniture for over 32 years. They have developed long-term relationships with factories in Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, and China, allowing them to provide customers with high-quality products at competitive prices. With locations around the globe, the client has upheld their competitive advantage by maintaining a commanding presence in ecommerce. Failing to keep up with the online contemporary trends, the client would risk losing potential sales.

Enhance Ecommerce Site With Magento
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Project Overview

The client's previous site had been developed using the Magento e-commerce platform with PHP as the language and MySQL as the active database. Their request was to have their e-commerce site redeveloped, as their previous website was outdated and in need of enhancements. Specifically, the client sought to enrich the User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX), plus improve the responsiveness for mobile devices. In addition, the commands that linked the Magento web application and client's inventory database was written using a database script which was cumbersome and prone to performance issues. The client maintained their inventory details on their own database and needed their website seamlessly integrated to their inventory system.

The Fix

The Solution

Chetu dramatically improved the UI/UX of the client's website by establishing an efficient, one-page check out process by integrating the USAePay payment gateway. In addition, Chetu bridged the site and their inventory database using a middleware called eBridge, which is used to automate the bi-directional exchange of data. This enhancement gave sales representatives the capability to create quotes for their customers by adding the product and price information to the shopping cart. The client's administrators could now manage products with back-end accessibility and complete project functions such as:

  • Create a Login/Registration
  • Get customer pricing based on price code
  • View the Products listing
  • Product view (zoom in/out)
  • Sorting/Filters
  • Checkout
  • Sales Representative Login
  • Administrative Login
  • View Order History
Enhance Ecommerce Site With Magento
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