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Merchant Uses Magento Plug-in to Maximize Sales Success


By Ashish Kumar

The Client:

The client is a revolutionary online visual merchandising tool that helps retailers deliver a step change in their conversion rate and drive online sale success via freestyle merchandising.

The following tools are offered by the client to their customers:

  1. Visual Merchandising - Used to enhance visual effects of products
  2. Site Search and Navigation - Used to customize product search results
  3. Product Recommendation - Used to personalize product suggestions
  4. The Client's Mail - Used to send dynamic & real-time product recommendations directly to customer's inbox

The client has an existing Magento Plugin that integrates services to Magento e-retailer clients.

magento systems tab mob
mobile e commerce

Our Goal:

Chetu's goal consisted of working on the Magento Plugin via maintenance & support.

Project Objectives:

The objective is to provide a wide range of visual merchandising capabilities on a single platform. To achieve the goal, Chetu developers provided a dynamic, robust and scalable SaaS-based merchandising solution that delivers increased online revenue and reduced costs.

Our Approach:

The client has an existing Magento plugin that is responsible for retrieving all product and category data from the Magento catalog. Once all information was retrieved, Chetu developers created an XML formatted feed to send data to the client's database. Once all product and category data was uploaded into the client's feed database, the merchant can then customize the visualization of the product and their attributes via the Magento category page and search the page from the FSM control panel.

Tools & Technologies Used:

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • Magento (CE/EE)
  • Magento 2
technology php ajax js
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