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Facilitating AEC Collaboration with BIM360 & Autodesk Forge

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When Chetu needs to provide a rich environment to showcase and collaborate on 3D designs internally or with our clients, we use the forge viewer, data management, and model derivative APIS.

- Sachin Sharma, Director of Operations

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Technology Used:

- BIM360

- Autodesk Forge

- Viewer API

- Data management API

- Model Derivative API

- Oauth 2

Autodesk Forge Developers

Chetu was presented with a unique challenge. Working with an architect on a brand new office building in Plantation, FL, Chetu's team of engineers needed to come up with a way to assist the architect with presenting proposed designs.

Of course, these designs would need to be representative of the final product. Stakeholders and investors would rely heavily on Chetu's modeling, so it needed to be detailed and accurate.

Plantation Professional Plaza, LLC, entrusted the implementation details up to Chetu. Throughout the process, Chetu needed to be communicative with several parties, including designers, developers, and other professionals involved with the real estate development company.

Parameters: Autodesk 3D Modeling

Chetu’s objective was to : find a technical means that allows the architect to share their vision with all other parties involved and implement it in a way that allows real estate agents to show it to potential business clients.

Chetu determined that Autodesk Forge would be used, a program that is run in a cloud environment and known for fast processing of 3D models. This platform also allows for real-time collaboration for developers around the world, expediting the process.

The Autodesk Forge GUI along with Forge APIs, such as its Viewer, Data Management API, and Model Derivative API were also to be used along the process. These tools combined with constant feedback and Chetu's team of 2800 software engineering professionals around the world would be likely to be enough for the project to succeed.

Journey: Autodesk Forge API

Immediately after reaching an agreement with Plantation Professional Plaza, LLC, Chetu began investigating the best possible options. A 3D model that could be easily worked on and shared needed to be created quickly. Their design team determined that Autodesk Forge would be the best option for this.

Using Autodesk Forge software, Chetu's team centralized storage and cut development time in half. Chetu also remained in constant contact with the architect and stakeholders to get feedback on the project. Utilizing Autodesk Forge's sharing features, this was done with ease.

Throughout the development journey, Chetu utilized team sharing tools to overcome challenges. The Chetu team was able to Autodesk Forge’s traditional export tool to allow the real estate agent charged with marketing the new project to demonstrate the architect's full plan in 3D to stakeholders.

Autodesk Forge was used both internally and externally to make communication more streamlined and easier for all parties. With so many parties who needed access to information, Chetu ensured constant availability by choosing a platform that made content easily shareable for people of all levels of technical expertise. No software needed to be locally installed for content to be viewable.

Result: Autodesk Generative Design

Chetu delivered the 3D model to Plantation Professional Plaza, LLC, on time, on budget and to the customers’ specifications. After months of hard work, creating models, tweaking the models to the customers' specifications, and sharing the results, a model was generated that all parties agreed would be useful in marketing this new office building.

The final 3D model of the proposed building was updated to the real estate company’s website. Chetu added all the bells and whistles in, allowing agents to demonstrate how office spaces with custom options would look in their dynamic model online.

Using these models that were viewable on nearly any device connected to the Internet, real estate agents were able to market the property with ease. Due to proper planning and the correct tool selections, Chetu was able to perform all of this in a fraction of the time it may have taken less-experienced companies.



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