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Case Study

Secure & Streamlined: Transforming Timeshare Transactions Through Payment Processing Solution

Chetu enhanced security and efficiency for timeshare payment processing through a seamless integration of Tenerum Payment Gateway and SREDkey.

  • Industry
    Hospitality & Travel
  • Technology Leveraged
  • Language Platform: Oracle PL/SQL
  • Database: Oracle 12C
  • Tools: Oracle Form Builder

Project Solution:

Boosted security and compliance by seamlessly integrating Tenerum payment gateway with SREDkey for timeshare company.

This client is a growing timeshare company and sought out our cutting-edge technological services. This client wanted to move to the Tenerum payment gateway for credit card encryption, tokenization, and credit card processing. The implementation process requires transaction support where the card is not present and is manually entered by the personnel. A SREDkey device was configured to an employee's workstation to indicate that the credit card information will be manually entered in the SREDkey device. The credit card information is sent for credit authorization via the Tenerum payment gateway.

Tenerum Payment Gateway & SREDkey

The Tenerum Payment Gateway is a cloud-based platform designed to de-scope the merchant’s point-of-sale and property management systems from handling sensitive payment card data, enabling PCI compliance. Our client wanted to transition to this payment gateway but needed the SREDkey device to begin use.

SREDkey is a USB-based hardware encryption device used to secure data entry, especially in point-of-sale (POS) systems and other environments where sensitive information needs to be protected. It is employed in events where users enter credit card data or other confidential information. The term "SRED" stands for Secure Reading and Exchange of Data.

SREDkey devices typically feature physical keypads for data entry and encryption capabilities to ensure that the entered data remains secure during transmission and processing. It helps prevent unauthorized access or interception of sensitive information, enhancing overall security in payment transactions and other data entry processes.

The Approach

We analyzed the existing Oracle form and its respective database objects, such as packages and procedures, in the Oracle database. We made changes in database objects to meet business requirements. Additionally, UI design elements needed to be implemented through Oracle Form Builder.

The implementation of functionalities depended on payment processing service APIs. The modification of Oracle's existing forms was based on the requirements for credit card processing. It reads SREDkey input data to perform the payment.

How Payment Tokenization Works

How It Works

We maintained the current functionality within Oracle MR forms to display the masked credit card number received.

We also maintained the functionality of storing the returned token with the associated guest/customer in the Oracle database for future use. The amount charged is entered in the Oracle form, and the billing zip code is sent to the payment processor as part of the credit card authorization/sale or card check transaction. The billing zip is stored in the transaction database with a token to use with the credit card on file. The payment processor handles the SREDkey parsing logic.

We successfully transitioned our client to the Tenerum payment gateway with SREDkey device integration for secure credit card processing, including Oracle form modification and payment processing API integration, enhancing security and compliance for the growing timeshare company.

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