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We develop custom music and audio solutions to optimize, streamline, and simplify the production, management, and distribution of music and audio components, seamlessly integrating with media and entertainment software and packed with advanced features.

Music Software Development

Chetu’s experts create native and cross-platform music software solutions, including mobile and web applications accessible from any device or browser and supported for deployment in the App Store and Google Play, incorporating MIDI audio protocols.

Audio Software Integrations

Our developers utilize custom algorithms and third-party plug-ins to add clear audio to applications, tools, engines, and AR/VR games, integrating ADC/DAC codecs to support mono and stereo audio data without compromising quality.

Plug-in Development

We develop audio plug-ins to run as VST, AU, RTAS, AAX, or as a standalone application with the ability to load into any host software and complete with customized presets and GUI controls for resampling, distortion, reverberation, and much more.

Music Library Software Development

Our experts configure music library and database software to manage vast collections of music files and metadata, organize playlists, and synchronize storage across platforms, compatible with third-party plug-ins and complete with features for tagging and sorting.

Compliance and Licensing

We develop systems for maintaining compliance with industry copyright and licensing regulations, including ASCAP and BMI standards, managing digital assets, processing royalties, and distributing licenses with encrypted channels to keep content secure.

Recording Software Development

We program professional-grade recording software with advanced features like automatic voice-enabled recording, timers, and editing tools to capture pristine audio with multiple input sources, including media players, phones, and sound cards.

Custom Music Software Solutions

We engineer custom music and audio solutions to streamline all music production, management, and distribution processes with advanced features to facilitate seamless user experiences and cater to individual business needs.

Music Streaming Solutions

We program customized server protocols including RTP, RTSP, and HTTP for live and on-demand audio streaming with unique buffering algorithms for adaptive bitrate services, unlimited storage capacity, and audio transcoding facilities for multiple audio formats.

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Solutions

Our experts create custom Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) solutions to record, arrange, edit, mix and produce professional music with intuitive interfaces and tools for users to experiment with MIDI commands, virtual instruments, and various audio effects.

Music School Management Solutions

We program web-based and native applications for music school management with personalized features for scheduling, billing and payment, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), equipment tracking, student registration, and much more.

Audio Editing Solutions

Chetu’s experts develop audio editing solutions for commercial and personal use with tools for auto-trimming, compression, pitch shifting, and effects such as echo, amplification, and reverb, allowing users to perform precise edits to any audio recording efficiently.

Video Game Audio Solutions

We design solutions to generate and evolve video game audio, including dialogue, sound effects, and music with tools for real-time multi-channel mixing, simulating gameplay, syncing in-game sound triggers, and incorporating spatial audio and third-party plug-ins.

Music Notation Solutions

Our developers create intuitive music notation solutions that enable composers to transcribe musical arrangements for any instrument, input notes from MIDI keyboards, and hand-write scores directly onto digital staves with virtual piano keys and guitar fretboards.

Custom Music and Audio Features

We elevate software solutions with custom features to create, edit, and repair music and audio files, enabling creativity, collaboration, and flawless production.

Restoration and Enhancement

We develop features to restore and enhance audio, detect and eliminate anomalies, and isolate individual sound elements; enabling users to create the highest quality audio.

Instrument Tuners

Our developers implement features that enable users to tune any instrument, providing visual feedback, pitch pipe playback, and semitone accuracy down to the exact cent.

Collaboration Tools

We program features that enable remote, real-time public or private collaboration, connecting users across the globe and allowing them to upload and share audio files.

Intuitive Composition

Chetu’s experts provide AI-powered tools for intuitive composition, enabling users to arrange and experiment with music, automatically formatting and adapting notation as you write.

Mixing and Mastering

We supplement solutions with advanced features for natively mixing and mastering intricate speaker layouts with high-quality sample rate conversion and metadata capabilities.

Registration and Scheduling

Our engineers program features designed for music educators and organizations to streamline operations and automate student registration and scheduling processes.

Custom Music and Audio Integrations

We seamlessly integrate with industry-leading third-party software to create a comprehensive solution for all your music and audio production, management, and editing needs.

Pro ToolsPro Tools

We integrate with Pro Tools to enable music students, educators, and audio professionals to capture performances, create multidimensional sounds, and manage MIDI tracks.


Integrating with WavePad provides a variety of intuitive and user-friendly audio editing features and the ability to add advanced effects, compatible with Windows and Mac.

Jackrabbit MusicJackrabbit

We provide integrations with JackRabbit Music to assist music educators with lesson management, student registration, and billing by efficiently automating processes.

FL StudioFL Studio

Our developers integrate with FL Studio to create a complete Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) solution for users to compose, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music.

We offer integrations to create a cloud-based API platform for media and communication applications and provide valuable insights into audio quality.

Logic ProLogic Pro

We integrate with Logic Pro by Apple to provide a robust Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with features for implementing live loops, managing instruments, and adding plug-ins.


Drop us a line or give us a ring with any questions regarding our music software development solutions. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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