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Custom Hibernate Solutions

We utilize Hibernate to develop a stable object-relational mapping framework to simplify the communication process between Java and your DBMS.

Enterprise Solutions

We develop solutions for enterprise clients with complex systems and needs. Our developers create web solutions, portals, and software that address your organization’s unique needs and challenges. We deliver Hibernate solutions for mobile applications utilizing up-to-date technology.


Our developers utilize XML configuration files to map plain old Java objects to relational database tables. Using Hibernate we are able to save considerable development time on projects since the whole JDBC layer is managed by the framework. Your application's data access layer will sit above Hibernate and not be impacted by the underlying data model.

Cloud Applications

We securely develop and deploy enterprise-grade Java applications stationed in the cloud. We work with several cloud providers to develop an application designed to meet your business goals and your customers’ expectations. Whether you need pay-as-you-go technology, SaaS, or something else, we develop and host your software on the cloud.

Android Development

We employ Java to create native applications for the Android operating system. Our software applications and software platforms are constructed with Java and work seamlessly on any Android device, empowering your customers to connect with you where and when they most want.

Hibernate Support Services

Chetu has developed several large and medium scale enterprise applications using Hibernate and provides support for your existing platforms.

IoT Software Development

We ensure device connectivity, management, and even remote control abilities with our extensive software expertise. We organize and process data received from all these devices to make the best use of the big data available both in the cloud and on-premise platforms.

Platform Customization

We create customized Java-based platforms. Our software engineers analyze and assess your current environment then create a custom plan for implementing and deploying your Java solution. More importantly, we integrate your new Java solution with existing applications and infrastructure for a seamless transition.

JMX and JCA and Provide J2EE Integration

We support JMX and JCA and provide J2EE Integration. Our developers provide internal connection pooling and prepared statement caching. We develop polymorphic associations, bi-directional association, association filtering, and also provide XML mapping documents. We facilitate transaction management, versioning, auditing functionality, and JPA annotation support.

HQL Development

We combine the power of SQL with the flexibility of the object-oriented approach to get Hibernate Query Language (HQL). We provide projection queries, aggregation functions, grouping, and restrictions. We map complex queries in SQL to HQL and we utilize the attributes of HQL’s object-oriented language including polymorphism, inheritance, and association.

Our Hibernate Development Services

Our developers use Hibernate annotations to map a Plain Old Java Object (POJO) class to a table in a database and use Hibernate API to manage states of POJOs. Hibernate will synchronize states of Java objects with rows in the database. Our Hibernate Development services include:

Java Application Development

We can transform your business with Java application development that runs on the latest and most reliable technologies. As a result, you get a stable platform continually evolving to meet or exceed your business needs with the following.

Java Application Development


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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