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Chetu creates stunning mobile apps using common browser based coding languages and leveraging PhoneGap, also known as Apache Cordova, a popular open source tool for creating cross-platform/hybrid mobile apps.

Familiar Programming Languages – PhoneGap is a great way to use common web technologies HTML, CSS, and JavaScript's to create applications for each platform.

Framework Network – We utilize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript's extensive frameworks to enhance functionality, while further reducing costs and time to market.

No Licensing Costs – PhoneGap is open source and therefore completely free to use, so you do not need to worry about licensing fees.

PhoneGap Rapid App Development

Our developers create custom PhoneGap mobile applications by leveraging a single code base of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to program hybrid mobile apps for each operating system, eliminating the intricacies of coding apps in multiple languages.

PhoneGap for Cross Platform Apps

We develop PhoneGap framework and supporting technologies to help you reach your audience on any platform by delivering versatile web apps for multiplatform deployment of natively installed applications on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile operating systems.

PhoneGap to Access Native APIs

We program interactive hybrid mobile applications using PhoneGap's ability to access a mobile device's feature APIs including camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, geolocation, network, contacts, media, notifications, and storage for seamless native functionality across operating systems.

PhoneGap Hybrid Mobile Application Development Experts

We develop hybrid mobile applications relying on our extensive experience with native platforms to ensure your app is accepted by app stores by adhering to user interface and user experience guidelines for each operating system.


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