QlikView Developer Solutions

Qlik Sense API Services

Chetu's team of data analytics engineers provide Business Intelligence (BI) software solutions by leveraging Qlik Sense APIs and Qlik Sense Extensions. We use Qlik Sense's powerful data drill-down capabilities to provide instantaneous insights, generate interactive reports (distributable via the Qlik NPrinting platform), and build centralized enterprise ROI dashboards. We integrate Qlik Sense Analytics software and program Qlik Engine RESTful APIs for custom client-specific app.

QlikView Programming Solutions

We perform QlikView scripting using Qlik's Associative Engine and the QlikView Workbench to build targeted and micro-targeted analytics apps. We program data-driven enterprise applications with role-based access controls, real-time Change Data Capture (CDC) capabilities, customizable and intuitive dashboards, seamless API connectivity, and advanced search engines.

QlikView Integration

We provide implementation solutions for Qlik services and software developed by its Strategic Global Systems Integrators and business consultants. We perform Qlik Sense Salesforce integrations, using Qlik BI services to analyze businesses' mission-critical Salesforce data on leads and opportunities, as well as marketing and CRM strategies. Other leveraged tools include the Qlik Google Analytics connector and Oracle database API.

Qlik Software Enterprise Solutions

We integrate QlikView and Qlik Sense data analysis functionality into enterprise apps aimed at a variety of industries, including healthcare (EHR analysis, public health outreach), finance (market risk assessments, bank cash management), and retail (service line profitability, omnichannel development). We leverage Qlik software to extract data from ERP, supply chain, CRM, accounting, and HCM software in order to improve operational efficiency.

Qlik Geoanalytics Services

We use Qlik's geoanalytics software to create crisp, interactive mapping interfaces and geospatial visualization programs that data managers can use to analyze relationships between geography, business processes, and customer behavior. Our geoanalytics services cover a wide range of use cases from app use analysis to franchise location planning to delivery route optimization.

Qlik Solutions Providers

Our QlikView development services include integration and implementation strategies for a variety of additional Qlik technologies and services. We leverage Qlik Cloud hosting to provide anytime access to enterprise data, accessible from Qlik Sense mobile apps. We also use the Qlik Sense Mashup tool to develop web apps and SPAs that resolve and visualize data from multiple sources in real time.

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Consult our Qlik Sense and QlikView developers today to discuss how our data-driven software experience will help you extract actionable business insights from your data and improve enterprise operations.

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