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Today's enterprises are driven by the cloud: Business applications, websites and services are moving to the cloud, giving organizations faster development time, better scalability and elasticity than ever before. At the same time, cloud-based solutions reduce maintenance costs while providing reliable uptime and failover capabilities. Chetu is an official Microsoft partner, with a focus on Azure consultation and has access to a number of exclusive features to support your cloud software project.

Creating Full SaaS Apps on Azure

We create SaaS cloud-based applications via Azure that eliminate the need to deploy and manage offline apps on existing infrastructure. These enterprise apps include CRM, ERP and document management solutions, among others, and are easily scalable as the company grows.

Microsoft Azure Mobile App Development

Mobile apps developed with Azure App Service often have authentication through Facebook or another social platform; other mobile apps appropriate for Azure include apps that provide push notifications or have backend storage. Our Microsoft Azure Development Services include developing these types of apps and publish them to Azure.

Managing IoT Devices with Azure

Our Microsoft Azure Development services include Internet of Things (IoT) solutions using custom Azure applications. These apps connect IoT devices to the internet and to each other, allow for data collection and analysis and have device security features. They also allow for remote monitoring of IoT devices.

Deploying Web Apps on Azure

Our team develops web apps and services using .NET, Java, PHP, Python or Node.js for the Azure platform. These apps can perform data analysis thanks to Cognitive Services and incorporate continuous integration and delivery. Thanks to Azure Functions, we can build code directly through the Azure portal.

Developing Artificial Intelligence with Azure

Predictive software, bots and other AI capabilities are possible thanks to Azure apps and services. By analyzing big data, these AI apps can make informed decisions in real time. Our Microsoft Azure Development services include full creation of solutions that intelligently interact with the end user with little need for intervention.

Migrating to Azure

Chetu's team migrates enterprise infrastructures to the Azure IaaS platform. We first catalog the existing workloads and software, then place them into categories. Next, we target a new destination for them on Azure, and finally we perform the migration process. This ensures continuity and security of data.

What Can Microsoft Azure Do For You?

Architecting, developing, and hosting an application in the Azure cloud environment empowers organizations to create virtually any kind of software that can be scaled and expanded as required. Because Azure is highly fault-tolerant and backed by one of the most extensive and advanced technological footprints in the world, maximum uptime and availability is assured. Azure is a premier cloud computing platform offering:

Secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution for organizations hosting needs

Support for wide variety of programming languages, databases, and architectures

Azure Certified Developer Software for Your Business

Our software developers and engineers are well-versed in all Microsoft Azure tools and platforms, skillfully leveraging them to build software and data solutions that fulfill your enterprise vision:

App Services

App Services



Application Insights

Application Insights



Azure SQL Server

Azure SQL Server

Let Chetu's Certified Specialists Help

OurMicrosoft Azure services run the gamut from platform optimization to enterprise application development, helping both newcomers and longtime Azure users:


Scalable, fault-tolerant and highly available cloud-based applications.


Your Azure architecture for the best performance possible.


High-Performance Data and analytics solutions that support strategic decision-making.


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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