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Twilio development

Twilio Development

Through the use of Twilio API's RESTful interface, Chetu's developers create applications that can handle incoming and outgoing voice, SMS, MMS, chat and video communication. We then integrate these applications into an existing infrastructure, producing scalable and powerful communication abilities.

Twilio voice programming

Twilio Voice Programming

Our team uses Twilio's RESTful Voice API to programmatically make and receive voice phone calls. We also detect answering machines, control call forwarding, and more. By researching Twilio Voice Insights and adjusting the code, we reduce latency and call clarity.

Twilio SMS and MMS engineering

Twilio SMS and MMS Engineering

Working with the Twilio SMS API, we integrate text and multimedia messaging into any enterprise app or service. These texts can be user initiated or programmatic. Our team facilitates SMS automation: alerts or deals, text notifications, order confirmations, billing alerts or appointment reminders.

Twilio chat service management

Twilio Chat Service Management

We use the Twilio API for WhatsApp to build and scale instant messaging using both apps together. Chats are encrypted from end-to-end, enabling secure, private conversations between users. This is ideal for customer support, as it reaches users where they are most comfortable.

Twilio video API control solutions

Twilio Video API Control Solutions

Leveraging the Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) project, and working with Twilio's set of SDKs, we engineer real-time video and audio with two or many participants. Chetu's engineers integrate video into your workflow using webhooks, including screen capture and sharing, recording and playback.

Two-factor authentication in Twilio

Two-Factor Authentication in Twilio

Chetu takes advantage of Twilio's Authy API, which leverages SMS or telephony as a form of two-factor authentication; we also push authentications directly as a notification to a mobile phone. This additional layer of login and verification security increases user trust in the product or service.

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