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Animal & Operations Management

  • Development of livestock inventory applications including custom database with individual and group-level data, animal types, categories, locations, events, and other features
  • Sales tracking and profitability tools with accounting automation for complete herd and animal financial overviews including sales by breed, pedigree, location, date, and more
  • We program software for site and herd-specific mapping through GIS / GPS software technology
  • We develop animal and herd management tracking software for handheld monitoring and scanning equipment using Radio Frequency Identifiers (RFID), barcodes, QR code scanners, ear tags, GPS locators, and more
  • Electronic Identification Device (EID) programming for real-time tracking across multiple locations
  • Calendaring software tools to view individual animal history and plan new events
  • ID management software and manifest database creation with multiple file output formats for printing and document management
  • We develop pasture and grazing management software solutions to record individual field yields, annual pasture growth, and measure growth rates over time, plus integrate analytics applications and dynamic forecasting modules to optimize land and herd management
  • Stocking rate applications to calculate forage demand and forage production of a given pasture plus determine optimal rates
  • We integrate with weather forecasting applications and create modules to alert of impending inclement weather
  • We create custom report generation software modules, integrated to data warehouses to visualize key performance and production indicators for each animal including pasture, animal ID, location, gender, date of birth, breed, health records, animal characteristics, breeding history, life events, pedigree history, and more


  • We develop livestock management software with custom notes and events creation capabilities to track embryo or Artificial Insemination (AI) transplants, pregnancy test results and more, plus implement custom dashboards to view and update animal records from one access point
  • We design breeding management dashboards integrated with breeding history and genetics databases plus program custom alerts / notifications based on custom parameters
  • We develop user portals to let breeders manage and publish detailed genetics information for each animal including breed, gender, and pedigree
  • We engineer individual animal management software to reduce breeding costs, ensure optimal offspring, and remove underperforming stock from the herd by creating analytics databases and predictive modeling based on an animal's height, weight, and fertility history
  • Custom analytics software creation for effective breeding planning / forecasting including integrations with gestational databases to project individual animal births and overall herd production
  • We program custom inbreeding prevention and detection software to optimize productivity and reduce inbreeding depression

Health & Wellness

  • We program herd health management and vaccination planning software for calendaring applications with reminders to help manage compliance and seamless integrations to databases for secured record keeping
  • We develop software for active cooling / temperature control capabilities through thermal microelectromechanical (MEME) devices for vaccination storage refrigeration facilities
  • We engineer custom software for nutrient management and automate compliance reporting processes to governmental agencies
  • Custom software for Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) compliance through secure portals with integrations to data storage warehouses to ensure 2 year electronic record retention requirements are met
  • We program animal disease prevention and management software with USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service traceability tools including platforms to store and transmit animal location identifiers, location history, and vaccination records
  • We develop feed management software to automate feed mill batch, group, ingredient, and bin location information
  • We program feed mill software to track main and micro ingredients at the supplier level, and manage FDA compliance recording
  • Feed mill automation software integrations with accounting software including QuickBooks, Quicken, and others to manage supplier invoices, payroll, checks, and more

We Ensure Your Compliance with the USDA, FDA, FSIS, EPA, NPDES, & GHGRP

Chetu's agriculture software development, integration, and implementation experts comply with regulatory standards including criteria set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), and Greenhouse Gas Reporting Portals (GHGRP).

Our Agriculture Software Development Solutions

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