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Livestock Management Software Solutions

Livestock Management Developers

Livestock Management Software Apps Solutions

Get advanced analytics and data that work in livestock management operation. Plan finances, breeding, grazing, record keeping, and herd management with a custom livestock management system from Chetu.

Cattle Management Software

Cattle Management Software Dev

Our livestock management software specialists develop custom platforms for centralizing operations related to cattle management, as well as poultry, horses, and other dairy herds. We build native and cross-platform mobile apps. Provide full access to management platforms with mobility to retrieve data with the scan of an ID tag. We program modules for livestock management software modifications to enable animal and breed tracking, ranch management, accounting, and more.

Livestock Breeding Software

Livestock Breeding Software Systems

Provide dashboard customizations for tracking herd-wide propagation and gestation statuses to ranchers and farmers. We configure Decision Support Systems (DSS) to help optimize operations for reducing breeding costs and producing quality offspring. Integrate existing livestock auction systems with customized user portals to provide livestock buyers with sellers details such as genetics information, pedigree, fertility history, and other critical stats from your livestock management system.

Livestock Record Keeping Apps

Livestock Record
Keeping Apps

Our specialized database management solutions enables ranchers to view and edit data (pedigree, origin, health stats, and pending events) for any animal in the herd using a livestock management app. Build livestock management software with third-party GIS/GPS mapping interfaces for tracking livestock locations and leverage Radio Frequency Identifiers (RFID), Electronic Identification Devices (EID), and embedded ear tag sensors.

Ranch Management Software Development

Ranch Management Software

Our financial planning software is integrated with Business Intelligence (BI) engines for calculating animal's herd values according to factors like breed, pedigree, location, age, and market conditions. We create custom livestock management software for analytics and report generation. Our modules provide visualization tools of key performance indicators for cattle, animal, herd, or other custom-defined livestock breed.

Pasture Grazing Solutions

Pasture Grazing System Solutions

We develop pasture and grazing management software solutions to record and optimize individual field yields and annual pasture growth. We program pasture mapping apps with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geo-fencing technology for generating detailed field views and planning herd movements. We also interface with weather tracking systems that alerts users of approaching severe weather conditions.

Feed Mill Automation

Feed Mill Automation

We develop feed management software platforms for optimal nutritional intake of farm and ranch livestock. Allow software users to monitor testing batches, plan feed schedules and automate ingredient reorders on a central livestock management system. We ensure industry feed compliance with audit trail software integration to maintain supplier-level traceability and Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) compliance.

Animal Husbandry Software

Our custom designed animal husbandry software allows farmers to manage the day-to-day care, selective breeding and the raising of livestock. We develop customs animal husbandry software to map fertility, fertilization and nutrient levels of the soil into GIS mapping.

Livestock Inventory Software

Our custom livestock breeding software allows you to breed pedigrees and calculate inbreeding percentages into existing database to the cloud. Our custom phenotype solutions allows users to track observable characteristics of livestock via the web through portal access or ecommerce solutions.

We Ensure Your Compliance with the USDA, FDA, FSIS, EPA, NPDES, & GHGRP

Chetu's development, integration and implementation of agriculture software complies with regulatory standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). We also comply with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its two permit and reporting programs: the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP).

Our Agriculture Software Development Solutions


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