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Why you should invest in an Attendance Management System

By: David Pridgen

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What Is Attendance Management

Trying to maintain productivity within an organization? A positive work environment is one of the most important things you need to establish, as the happier employees are, the more value they bring to the company. While benefits and incentives are highly motivational, one of the most important factors that impact productivity is attendance.

Studies show that employees that take off more time than average can hurt the bottom line. While team members are on leave, others have to catch up on their responsibilities. This can be mitigated if the coworkers are familiar with those duties, but chances are there will still be some pieces missing and KPIs are going down.

The best way to address ongoing absences is human resources applications. In particular, modules that provide staff attendance management.

A comprehensive HR application does more than store employees’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII). It also tracks benefit data and personal time off (PTO). The data then flows into the payroll department and links to salary and tax information. You can even sync it with attendance management to generate accurate reports.

Staff attendance management software replaces the outdated clock in/out system. It tracks the employees' daily schedules by recording the time they came in, tracking their breaks, and noting when they left the building. The system uses various security techniques, including security cameras and manual entries.

Instead of punch cards, the solution uses a digital clock linked to the management software. When an employee enters a code or scans an ID, the information gets recorded in the application.

Another tracking option uses biometrics built into the time clock. Two of the most common are finger and retinal scans. This equipment prevents employees from recoding their time in malicious ways.

Manual time entry is still utilized, but it's now in a digital format. Workers use a unique username and password combination to record the data on digital timesheets.

Attendance Tracking Functions

Attendance data can be integrated with other management systems. Payroll is the most common example, as the solution’s settings can flag an employee's record if they go over a certain amount of absence.

Supervisors and managers also receive attendance information automatically, allowing them to review and adjust schedules.

Why Your Organization Needs An Attendance Recording System

There are several reasons why your company needs software to manage attendance. Here are a few samples.

Lack of sales isn't the only reason businesses fail. Employee attrition is close to or at the top. An increase of absences or tardiness in a certain department can signal a bigger problem. Attendance software helps managers supervise employees and resolve issues more efficiently.

HR representatives can record and track attendance information online, and transfer the data to other departments when needed. As a result, data sets remain organized while the risk for entry errors is reduced.

In the past, an employee could take an unscheduled day off by asking one of their co-workers to punch in for them, or by providing someone with their login credentials to record the information. Applications that manage attendance in the 21st-century work to minimize this fraud.

Biometrics is one way they address this, as it is impossible to fake someone's fingerprint or retinal pattern. Besides, the second authentication step, such as a passcode, can't be retrieved by another person. These options alone reduce the chance of attendance fraud.

By reducing errors in attendance records, companies save money. First, they know when an unscheduled day off occurs and when an employee should not get paid. Second, if the record of late starts and absences is beyond the employee's activity levels, they might be able to address the situation proactively or know when it is appropriate to let that person go. In turn, extra monies are saved and re-invested in a more productive employee.

Oracle Attendance Management Solution

Many software companies across the globe make attendance software. One of these is Oracle. This Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) company has integrated the globally-known product into its time-keeping applications. The most well-known is Peoplesoft.

Via fields that can be static or customized, Peoplesoft records the PII of employees and can track their time in and out of the workplace. The result is a one-stop package that allows managers and HR representatives to run immersive reports.

Oracle is also used in third-party programs. Once field categories and sizes are determined, software developers work with Oracle to add the data, and Information queries from the application would go to the database for retrieval.

Companies need time management software to be more efficient. Without it, they'll continue to spin their wheels to figure out why production has slowed. In turn, they can't determine if the issue is with the production machines or the employees.

This information is provided by the attendance program. Through digitalization, the platform keeps accurate details on all absences and late time. HR and management can then see potential patterns and rectify them through the removal or shifting of responsibilities.

No surprise, setting up and running attendance software should be handled by professionals. Software development firms, like Chetu, help companies and even software providers address their software needs. Founded in 2000, Chetu is a global provider of customized software solutions that combine technological expertise, specific domain experience, and a passion for excellence. From start-ups to Fortune 5000 companies, Chetu can work with any organization to fine-tune their attendance software.


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