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How Chetu's Veradigm Integration Optimizes Patient Care and Revenue

John Bailey By: John Bailey


Most industries are indebted to a dynamic consumer following, forced to pivot when the market ebbs and flows. There is very little control over when, how, and which direction the trends will sway, and for this reason, they are continually trying to catch up with the adoption wave, exhausting resource pools and depleting bandwidth. Healthcare is not subjected to the same unpredictability considering the scale on which the system operates and the ubiquity of its offerings. The early 2000s ushered in an era of digitalism for the healthcare industry, rendering most preexisting practices obsolete. As electronic health records (EHRs) and electronic medical records (EMRs) set the legacy system ablaze, software platform providers scrambled to establish themselves within the new climate.

Twenty-some years into the revolution, most dimensions of healthcare have digitalized. And despite not having to accommodate a fickle consumer landscape, healthcare has to battle a growing population of well over 7 billion. Inevitably, the more people alive, the more sick people there will be seeking medical aid. Our greatest hurdle will be harvesting the computing power to fuel a densely saturated patient database.

With 5,500 hospitals in the US alone, processing over 30 billion healthcare transactions a year, it is no surprise that 86% of mistakes are administrative. No one platform or database could possibly supply the bandwidth to support the entire healthcare landscape, ruling interoperability the next healthcare industry imperative. In increasing operability and facilitating cross-platform communication, healthcare providers will eliminate administrative errors brought on by disparate systems inept to the file-transfer protocols the industry demands.

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Those who have not yet taken the opportunity to integrate with Veradigm formerly allscripts are missing out on having proper records coordination and connectivity, effective patient care engagement, as well as analytic and financial solutions. Founded in 1986, now with over 180,000 users, Veradigm formerly allscripts provides healthcare providers, hospitals and private clinics with practice management and EHR technology. The company also provides solutions for patient engagement and care coordination, as well as technology for data analytics and finance.

Veradigm provides users with tools for building assessments, analyzing results, and offers an in-depth view of a patient's care plan where they can also make any changes if required. With Veradigm FollowMyHealth platform, patients and their families have the opportunity to easily engage and connect with medical practitioners to provide updated information and actively participate in the caregiving process. Healthcare software solution providers who use Veradigm benefit from having the necessary technology to access patient information and ensure patients receive the proper treatment for their specific medical needs. By securely handling finances like billing and collections, healthcare organizations receive the revenue needed to continue their efforts in providing optimal care and maintaining patient health. Healthcare providers will enjoy having the peace of mind knowing they can maximize their profits and will have simplified access to their finances.

In realizing the potential Veradigm eprescribe has to bridge long-time gaps in the data-exchange network, Chetu joined the Veradigm Developer Program, through which our software engineers learned the ins and outs of the Veradigm platform. Partners become attune to the technical functionalities and compatibility standards to most effectively match their mutual clients with the most robust and unified solutions possible, maximizing API connectivity. Ultimately, Chetu's partnership with Veradigm facilitates the inoperability the current healthcare climate is battling so aggressively for, opening the door for shared access across all channels. Healthcare providers seeking integrations to Veradigm healthcare solutions can also make the process smoother and more secure by working with a certified Veradigm development partner because only they can provide quality custom software development services and IT staff augmentation solutions that meet the demands of the industry.


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