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By: John Bailey

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The healthcare industry faced unprecedented labor challenges during the pandemic. As the pandemic subsided, the healthcare industry was in a quandary. Despite debates about a need to revisit compensation, and contending with staffing shortages and alleged inconsistent care quality, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported the sector will jump 13% in growth. This significant increase will tax an already challenged industry as it works to mitigate the unprecedented stress it endured during the pandemic.

Software companies can offer solutions to reduce the healthcare industry's burden by working to streamline the arduous application processes to expedite employment and continue efforts to enhance recruitment processes, personnel scheduling, and patient/provider relationships.

A Closer Examination of Staffing Protocol

The healthcare industry maintains many pre-requisites for applicants, including several background checks and screenings. The process is designed to staff healthcare institutions with qualified personnel. However, with significant labor challenges coupled with a projected 13% spike in new labor force, the use of traditional staffing protocols may be viewed as archaic.

The following are three most widely used staffing models utilized by healthcare institutions.

Software designers provide enhanced features to ultimately streamline the healthcare industry’s application process to enable industry personnel to efficiently fill vacancies and remain compliant with all state and federal regulations.

Streamlining Staffing Software Mitigates Challenges

The application process for the healthcare industry can be arduous, but expert-level programmers can work to create solutions to streamline it. Automating routine or boilerplate tasks such as e-signings, preliminary background screenings, and paperless onboarding all contribute to expediting the application process.

After examining traditional staffing protocols, scheduling personnel continues to challenge the healthcare industry. Coupled with widespread debate regarding unfair wages and working conditions, the industry remains taxed when looking for solutions to staffing and scheduling.

App-based programs are designed for personnel to take a more active role in their scheduling. Additionally, healthcare professionals can utilize such programs to learn more about specific shift assignments and calculate the total ‘value’ or payment upon completion. This facilitates transparency and enables professionals to make more informed decisions about their profession.

Healthcare personnel utilizing such app-based programs can mitigate any lost wages incurred should a facility reduce their shift time or send them home early due to changing needs by first selecting and scheduling a guaranteed shift, which offers guaranteed payment for shift completion.

Healthcare apps have partnered with transportation companies to provide seamless transportation options for healthcare personnel. This convenient access reduces attendance issues due to unreliable transportation or lack of vehicle access. Healthcare personnel can explore transportation options easily accessible in one centralized location, via an app.

Robust Apps, New Resources for Healthcare Industry

Healthcare professionals are essential, but the sector needs help to retain talent. Robust apps designed by expert-level software programmers to address an already taxed industry can be utilized not as magic solutions, but as a new tool to aid the healthcare industry that remains in limbo. Coupled with the projected growth in the industry, healthcare sectors can use apps to streamline the initial application process to fill vacancies, retain existing personnel, and ultimately elevate patient care standards.

The following app features enable healthcare professionals and facilities to not only optimize performance but to enable personnel to enjoy flexibility and autonomy.

Expert-level software programmers enable the healthcare industry to streamline its application process while optimizing app performance to modernize the patient/caregiver dynamic, helping the industry elevate quality of care by reducing bottlenecks.

Continued Partnerships with Developers Modernizes Care

Modern healthcare has undergone several transformations, but software developers remain crucial partners as the industry works to rebound from the pandemic and address ongoing staffing challenges and care quality.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology to streamline the application process and enable healthcare professionals to take a more active approach in scheduling as well as facilitating positive relationships with personnel can further propel the industry amidst the recent outcry of rampant staff turnover that resulted in dangerous understaffing. With software designers as resources, the healthcare industry can continue mobilizing its workforce and expanding its coverage areas while working to exceed the demands of today’s patients.


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