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Avoid Hotel Inventory Woes with Custom Hilton OnQ Integrations

By: Tyler Boykin


Parameters: Inventory Management is Key for Growth

With online travel agencies taking over a large share of the online bookings market, it makes it difficult for brand sites to manage their traffic and revenue. With an increased amount of distribution cost along with the number of available channels, hotels are suffering from not being able to obtain and leverage their guest data to provide a satisfying experience.

Guest experience will determine customer loyalty and ultimately affects the hotel's reputation, and overall revenue. Trying to figure out the perfect method to balance supply with demand is a complicated task faced by the hospitality industry. A precise property management system (PMS) can help alleviate this challenge.

Understanding occupancy rates is paramount in maintaining room inventory and preventing overbooking or losing sales. Integrated systems significantly improve the overall fill-rate of a property. A channel manager (CSR) solution or CRM should connect seamlessly with and share data in real-time with a PMS and inventory management system.

Journey: All-in-One Operations Solution

As an integrated hospitality suite, Hilton OnQ is a series of tools that provide guest information to hotel employees on demand. Hilton OnQ provides daily workflow automation, customer recognition, as well as retention to integrate with the PMS. The system is also used for room inventory management allowing Hilton operators to keep track of booked and available rooms.

Hilton OnQ integrates with a third party PMS that is affiliated with Hilton brands. The systems provide customer profiles and preferences within a centralized database to track and distribute guest information. The unified systems allow guests to reserve online reservations through multiple channels with the ability to check-in remotely through the web.

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Benefits of Hilton OnQ Integration with a Property Management System

An executable file would run on a server that resides on Hotel property with an application that establishes communication between the third party PMS and Hilton OnQ. Once the connection using an API is completed, room details will be communicated back and forth between the PMS and Hilton OnQ.

By using Spring and Hibernate framework to implement the middleware application, the data will be exposed and accessible through both systems for accurate updating. An installer would also be created to generate multiple instances for the middleware application to configure the required details for the servers being used.

Results: Effective Property Management Software Integrations

After integration, the API status log will compare the data between both systems with the current time and last time the log was updated to keep the system running in real-time.

The integration between OnQ functionalities and a PMS can add definiteness to your daily processes and operations. Inventory control, revenue management, and customer service are key functions of running a hotel business effectively.

Hilton currently employees kiosks to give travelers another option for services such as checking in and out of a hotel and ordering amenities. Every function of a hotel relies on an accurate system for real-time interactions and updates. Chetu's developers create custom property management software solutions that implement reservation services and easy staff usability.


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