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Restaurant Management Software Development


Hire Developers with F&B Software Experience

Chetu’s expert developers built interoperable, scalable, and customizable restaurant management software systems fully loaded with custom features & functions to help restaurant operations run smoothly. As a leading web development company, we specialize in crafting innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Food Safety & Compliance Software Development

F&B Online Ordering

Design and implement an online ordering module, integrated with a POS system and customized to fit business needs, that allows for a seamless digital food ordering experience and unparalleled convenience for customers. Our comprehensive order management system ensures that orders are processed efficiently.

F&B Delivery Management

Custom F&B software incorporates fleet management features for deliveries, including accurate dispatching, route planning & optimization, and more, enabling businesses to make swift, efficient, and accurate F&B deliveries.

F&B Web & Mobile App

Build feature-rich restaurant management mobile & web apps, designed to synchronize front-of-house, back-office, kitchen, inventory and delivery operations, including takeout/delivery orders, menus/pricing, online payment processing, and so much more. With our comprehensive approach to restaurant mobile app development, we empower you to connect with customers and manage your business effectively.

Environmental Health & Safety Systems

F&B POS System

We integrate custom-tailored restaurant inventory management software features including accounting, scheduling, online ordering, reporting, and other functionalities with a leading POS software system, such as Clover (a certified Chetu partner) and Micros restaurant POS.

F&B Reporting & Analytics

Access cloud based reports & dashboards, designed with customizable modules that enable F&B business owners to track sales channels, employees, customers, operational processes, and other insights via a web and/or mobile app.

F&B Loyalty & Rewards

Custom loyalty & rewards modules, focused on strengthening brand awareness and visitor frequency, are integrated with the POS system to leverage essential user data, discover buyer behavior insights, and create data-driven campaigns.

AI-Powered Restaurant Software Solutions

Our cutting-edge AI-powered solutions redefine the landscape of restaurant operations. From menu management to inventory control, staff scheduling, customer interactions, predictive maintenance, and business insights, our AI-powered software solutions stand at the forefront of innovation.

AI-Powered Menu Management

We leverage advanced algorithms to power customer for statistic analysis, extracting valuable insights to optimize menu offerings. This capability offers personalized menu recommendations tailored to individual preferences. Dynamic pricing becomes seamless as our AI adapts in real-time to shifts in demand, ensuring optimal revenue streams.

Automated Inventory Control with AI

We elevate your business efficiency with our state-of-the-art software specializing in automated inventory control. We harness AI algorithms to power our platform as it seamlessly tracks inventory levels, predicts demand, and automates the reordering process. Our solutions actively contribute to sustainability goals by significantly reducing food waste through AI-driven forecasting.

Enhanced Intelligent Staff Scheduling with AI

Our intelligent staff scheduling is powered by AI algorithms that leverage historical data and predict demand to optimize staff schedules efficiently. We integrate real-time data, and our system allocates staff based on customer traffic and sales data. Elevate your business with AI-driven insights into performance analysis, enabling data-driven decisions for staff training and development.

AI-Driven Smart Customer Interactions

We harness AI chatbots to revolutionize customer service, streamline reservations, and deliver personalized interactions. Our AI-driven chatbots are designed to provide seamless and efficient assistance, enhancing the customer experience. Elevate your understanding of customer sentiment with our sentiment analysis AI, allowing you to gain valuable insights from feedback and reviews for effective management. AI can be leveraged for marketing and loyalty programs, ensuring that each customer feels uniquely valued.

AI-Powered Predictive Maintenance

We improve kitchen operations with our advanced predictive maintenance solutions powered by AI. We deploy AI algorithms to maintain kitchen equipment, minimizing downtime and cutting costs. Our system goes beyond traditional approaches by implementing AI for real-time monitoring of equipment performance and energy consumption, ensuring that you have a comprehensive view of your kitchen’s operational health.

Data-Driven Business Insights with AI

Empower your business with our data-driven insights solution, where AI transforms raw data into actionable intelligence. We specialize in programming AI to analyze sales, customer, and operational data, providing you with valuable insights for informed decision-making. Elevate your forecasting capabilities with our implementation of AI in predictive analytics, enabling you to anticipate sales and demand patterns precisely.

Self-Service Restaurant Kiosk Software Solutions

Chetu delivers powerful self-service kiosk software solutions that offer superior customer experiences and unmatched flexibility, integrated seamlessly with a POS system and hardware terminals.

Food Safety & Compliance Software Development

Hardware Connectivity

Easily connect a POS system API with existing kiosk hardware or software to create the ideal customized self-service kiosk solution based on unique business needs.

POS Integration

Deliver customizable self-service kiosk systems as its own POS solution by integrating kiosk software and credit card processing all on one centralized platform, and Micros restaurant POS.

Kitchen Displays

Develop kiosk software for kitchen-facing displays used by restaurant kitchen staff to organize orders, prioritize preparation tasks, and set up alerts for cook times.

Custom F&B Software Features

Chetu builds custom-tailored and interoperable restaurant management software solutions that encompass all essential variables involved in running a successful restaurant.

  • Inventory & Purchase Management
  • POS & Accounting Integration
  • Recipe Management
  • Online Bill Pay


Chetu's food and beverage software development, integration, and implementation experts comply with regulatory standards including criteria set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) including technical implementations of FDA 21 CFR Part 11, the Bioterrorism Act of 2002, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), and Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

F&B Software Modules, Features, & Functionalities

Chetu designs, develops, integrates, implements, and installs custom restaurant management software with custom features, modules, and capabilities that powerhouse F&B software solutions don’t have.

Food Safety & Compliance Software Development

Floor Plan & Table Management

Program modules that offer full visibility of vacant/occupied tables, time seated, spend per table, reserved tables, and more, allowing staff to customize & edit the floor plan in real-time.

Inventory Management

Programmed to view, control, and manage the entire stock of food & beverage inventory, designed with an editing feature to allow users to make changes in real-time.

Staff Management

Implement HCM modules that track & manage employee onboarding/offboarding, employee hours/timesheets, payroll, payroll/annual taxes, labor law compliance, and more.

Environmental Health & Safety Systems

Menu Management

A custom-tailored module that enables users to make changes to menu items (add new/remove), adjust recipes, determine menu prices, change specials, and more. Our Restaurant menu API gives you the flexibility and ease to manage your menu effortlessly and deficiently.

Tableside Ordering

Allow customers to order right from their tables with our innovative restaurant mobile app development solutions. Develop a custom mobile app, or integrate tableside ordering modules with our Restaurant POS Software or menu management system, allowing customers to order right from their tables.

App Integrations

Integrate custom extensions, plugins, and apps to automate tasks, improve operations, increase revenues, and provide the ultimate and best restaurant experience for guests.

Complete Support Services for Restaurant Management Software Development

Chetu provides comprehensive support services for restaurant management software development. Our support services keep restaurants operating seamlessly and efficiently.

Continuous DevOps Deployment for
Food Industry Software

Food industry software must always be up to date in the restaurant business. Chetu’s software engineers use continuous DevOps to ensure that rapidly changing market conditions, as well as new hardware and software changes, are factored into regular revisions to your platform. Automatic updates, testing, and continuous integration with the inventory management process mean your software solutions remain reliable and efficient.

Post Implementation Testing & QA

Our experienced developers understand how post-implementation software testing is essential for your restaurant(s) to operate with optimal performance. Comprehensive testing addresses operational needs and discovers issues that could impact performance, reliability, and efficiency. Quality assurance that measures post-implementation progress is performed to maintain system performance with continuous improvements.

Integrated Cloud Solution for Restaurant Software

Chetu provides customized cloud integration solutions that ensure restaurants can manage their dining services efficiently at peak times in different locations. Cloud environments allow for enhanced data management with real-time access, allowing management to make data-driven decisions, resulting in superior customer service. We also develop multi-cloud solutions that provide high security and reliability optimized for restaurant applications.

Ongoing Mobile UI/UX Enhancement for Dining Apps

Our team continually enhances the mobile and desktop UI/UX design to meet the unique needs of the food industry and create a harmonious, user-friendly environment. Our enhancements are designed to deliver exceptional user experiences in a stressful customer interaction environment, and our software is intended to be intuitive and function seamlessly on mobile, POS, and desktop applications.

API Integration Solutions for Enhanced Functionality

Our skilled engineers can manage API integration for enhanced software functionality. API integration allows for seamless data integration across third-party systems so that you can take advantage of legacy software and popular apps. Additionally, API integration enables secure data transfer with various hardware and software solutions your restaurant currently uses or plans to use and improves your efficiency.

Loyalty Programs & Rewards Integration

Our team is highly experienced in integrating loyalty programs with point rewards that engage customers and reward them for purchasing from your restaurant(s). Online, third-party apps and POS systems generate a lot of data, and using data analytics can let your restaurant(s) use data-driven insights to design effective reward structures that help establish customer retention strategies to increase revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurant Management Software

Restaurants use AI in numerous ways, such as AI assistants that book tables and answer basic questions, voice commands for seamless ordering, inventory management, data-based insights, and online review management.

AI in restaurants can take collected historical data to track inventory purchases, monitor food waste, and manage food costs. On average, a restaurant wastes 10% of its food, meaning AI integrated into inventory management can mitigate one of its pressing issues.

Restaurant software can increase sales through data-based insights. These insights allow a restaurant to determine what products to sell, when to sell them, and how to sell them based on consumer history and market trends.

Restaurant management software affects many aspects of a restaurant, such as food preparation, delivery services, and customer services. A streamlined process for each aspect will increase customer satisfaction and retention.

A POS system takes customer orders, accepts payments, manages food inventory, and handles many of the restaurant's constant operations. With a custom POS system, you can enable staff scheduling, inventory management, kiosk ordering, driver tracking, and integrated payments.

Restaurant management software should have the features essential for your business, but many of the common ones are a POS system, inventory management, payroll and accounting services, online management, and reporting capabilities.


Drop us a line or give us ring about restaurant software development. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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