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Enhancing Auto Loan Origination Software to Streamline Workflow and Mitigate Delinquency

Paul BrachtBy: Paul Bracht


Loan origination software (LOS) has seen significant growth due to its versatility and ability to be implemented within several industries. Its application within the automotive industry has grown exponentially. Booming vehicle sales have dealerships reporting significant profit windfalls. Automotive retail advisement group Haig Partners reported car manufacturers earned $32 billion in profits in 2022, reinforcing the highest consumer demand for vehicles since 2016. This continued demand has prompted auto loan financing departments to seek additional resources to meet the sustained customer and dealer demands.

LOS provides auto finance departments with enhanced resources to carefully study risk-assessment data, implement automated data processing, and expedite loan origination application processes to better assist auto dealerships with maintaining revenue streams and streamlining workflow.

Driving Sales Revenue within Automotive Industry

The dramatic rise in global automotive sales has been attributed to supply chain breakdowns and continued increases in consumer demands. Where consumers once saw marked contrast between used and new vehicle prices have given way to similar pricing between new and used, further complicating the decision-making process while challenging budgets. Despite this challenge, J.D. Power-LMC Automotive, the industry's leading trade group, forecasted 2023 vehicle sales to surpass 86 million units. With an average new U.S. vehicle cost approaching $46,000, the automotive industry continues enjoying its profit rebound as consumer demand exceeds inventory.

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) has forecasted a 6.6% increase in new vehicle sales, and auto loan financing departments will likely see an increase in loan request processing. Expediting transactions while carefully assessing risks and maintaining financial compliance will tax personnel but newly enhanced LOS resources can streamline protocols while ensuring dealerships build upon growing revenue streams.

A Tech Response to Increased Sales Volume

Increased sales volume generated new revenue streams for automotive dealerships, also boosting the financial loan processing sector the industry relies on to complete all vehicle sales transactions. Personnel was inundated with processing the significant increase of loan origination documents of vehicle buyers, often resulting in lengthy wait times to complete transactions.

Skilled software developers have enhanced Loan Origination Software platforms to efficiently automate boilerplate tasks while deploying intuitive, detailed reports utilizing data analysis. Prospective buyers must undergo rigorous credit checks, often manually inputted and reviewed by multiple parties. Newly enhanced LOS platforms reduce time spent on manual inputs and carefully parse all required financial-based data sets, creating a more nuanced credit score assessment that can be applied to multiple sectors associated with the vehicle purchase process. Additionally, LOS facilitates effective document management systems with Cloud-based capabilities.

Loan origination platforms powered by Artificial Intelligence and optimized by expert-level software developers implement cutting-edge Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to assess every document associated with the auto loan for the life of the loan when coupled with predictive analytics. Predictive analytics study nuances within extensive data sets often overlooked by personnel, producing more accurate results and forecasts of future outcomes.

Effective risk assessment is paramount for any sustainable business model, and the automotive sales and loan sector is no exception. LOS platforms augmented by dedicated software developers create data-driven pricing scenarios tailored to specific dealership parameters and unique prospective buyer profiles.

With detailed data analytics providing dealerships and loan officers with new insights, customers can be effectively matched with inventory that meets their budgets outside traditional parameters limited to credit scores and archaic data. Cloud-based capabilities continue facilitating a multi-channel approach, markedly improving workflow. Utilized within LOS platforms, duplication processing of required documentation is eliminated, and multiple parties that must be privy to all steps of vehicle loan protocols can easily access pertinent documents and data in real-time.

Loan Delinquency Rates Warrant Review

The World Economic Forum has reported increasing auto loan delinquency rates within the U.S., attributed to younger buyers borrowing beyond their economic means and sharp vehicle price increases with limited contrast between new and used vehicle costs. Previously documented supply chain woes resulted in over 30% of new vehicles being sold above MSRP.

To counter the increase in auto loan delinquency rates, augmented LOS platforms customized by dedicated software specialists include nuanced risk-assessment analytics to enable informed decision-making processes to compile reports detailing a customer's vehicle affordability and how this evolves.

With a nuanced report detailing risk assessment, loan officers are afforded more decision-making data to reduce the likelihood of a customer defaulting on a vehicle loan. With average auto loans being 41% higher than 2019 figures, risk-assessment software resources are more critical for dealerships to make financially sound decisions that can help reduce loan defaults.

Consumer Reports echoed The World Economic Forum's concern by informing readers that the average new car loan payment has soared, resulting in $1.4 trillion in auto loan debt over ten years. This has prompted government officials to reevaluate loan protocols and revisit The Truth in Lending Act.

Cutting-Edge Resources to Mitigate Delinquency and Grow Revenue

With today’s unprecedented automotive sales and costs, dealerships need efficient, expert financing department performance to meet evolving industry demands.

LOS enables dealerships to expedite processes, reducing or eliminating loan access delays that may adversely impact purchase transactions. Simply processing loans and efficiently completing processes only partially benefits a consumer. The most consumer-friendly feature within LOS is enhanced risk-assessment tools.

The ability to expertly determine immediate vehicle affordability and deploy predictive analytics to ensure affordability throughout the life of an auto loan would prove invaluable to both consumer and loan officer. Deploying predictive analytics to determine how an auto loan impacts the consumer and dealership would be a prudent choice to assist with mitigating loan delinquency.

As the automotive industry and dealerships across the U.S. generate record-breaking profits, skilled software developers can continue their long-standing partnerships by enhancing resources to ensure optimized workflow, reduce bottlenecks, ensure regulatory compliance, and provide consumers with accurate transparency to mitigate auto loan delinquency.


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