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What are Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?

Progressive web applications (PWA) are a powerful new solution that have been taking over the commerce industry. PWAs give online retailers a redefined and frictionless mobile experience for their storefront increasing conversions and extending websites across multiple devices and platforms.

The early history of mobile was brought on by mobile experiences that were limited to native applications and janky design layouts that could only be launched from a browser. PWA now replaces this legacy web experience with a frictionless user experience and offline accessibility, leveraging the best of both worlds (web and mobile) to make life easier.

Magento has adopted this technological trend and is now becoming a Progressive Web Application Platform. The Magento PWA Studio will supply developers with a suite of tools that can be used to build online stores that perform like applications. Businesses will be able to benefit from the economical and efficient functionality provided by PWA features. Below we discuss the best business benefits of Magento PWA.

1. Enhanced User experience & Performance

PWA merges the best characteristics of mobile web properties and native applications by reducing the constraints of both systems and combining their benefits into one.

Magento PWA extends commerce solutions and enhances the usability of online shoppers making their online experience easy and blazing fast. With offline support, push notifications for shipping and status updates, and payments similar to native apps, Magento PWA is able to provide the opportunity for a new user experience. PWA can be leveraged in many ways but ultimately depends on where and how businesses choose to implement that determine its flexible functionality.

Additionally, the focus on the developer experience creates a new front-end development toolchain that is based on research and collaboration with Google named Magento PWA Studio. It allows developers to code, deploy, and maintain a PWA storefront on the Magento 2 platform.

Magento PWA Studio brings telling improvements to the developer workflow, making a huge difference between good VS great online experiences. Magento developers and merchants alike benefit from Magento PWA Studio by getting an easier development experience while being able to create powerful storefronts for Magento 2.

2. SEO Friendly

PWAs are very helpful towards improving the conversion rate of customers. Since Magento PWA is not a conventional site there are technical SEO aspects within a PWA that must make sure to have proper optimization and discoverability. Thankfully, major search engines like Google have mechanisms in place that crawl the Javascript of a Magento PWA Site similar to how they would crawl a conventional responsive site.

One important thing to consider is that using canonical URLs, ensuring the site is secure with HTTPS and maintaining a crawlable sitemap is key to having good SEO. A team of Magento PWA developers can make sure your site is indexible and social with a cache-first networking browser to improve crawlability.

3. Low Cost

Building a PWA on your Magento website is a cost effective way of growing your online business.

Businesses can get a Magento PWA for their storefront at a fraction of the cost of what it would take to build a standalone native application. The cost of mobile app development are high but with Magento PWA Studio users are able to use tools to modify existing websites into a PWA with one code base, making it easy to configure.

With the help of a Magento Solution Partner you can get the cost estimate and PWA-driven solution with implemented complex workflows and features tailored to specific business needs. Keep in mind that the benefits outweigh the initial costs because codebase will be updated in a single place.

The benefits of implementing Magento PWA into your Magento 2 platform will provide a plethora of e-commerce solutions to any online business. Contact us today to get in touch with a Magento expert.


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