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AWS DynamoDB vs MongoDB: Choosing a NoSQL Database for your business

By: Tyler Boykin


When your company is moving to the Cloud, you have to make a few critical decisions. One of them is the smart choice of database to scale and back up your data. A NoSQL database provides a data storage and data-retrieval system. NoSQL needs no predefined schema and speeds up application implementation, provides real-time software updates, and cut expenses. Non-relational data structures ensure advanced performance. NoSQL is the most preferred database technology for media and entertainment, retail, financial services, and healthcare organizations.

DynamoDB Vs MongoDB: what is the difference?

The most popular solutions for NoSQL databases are MongoDB and AWS DynamoDB. Both are widely used and offer highly scalable cloud-level service. Your organization's long-term cloud strategy and business-specific application requirements will be the key factor to determine which NoSQL database will work the best.

MongoDB: what you need to know.

Enterprises all over the world choose MongoDB. The database can be implemented on mainframes, on-site, hybrid clouds, and the AWS platform. The distributed scalability, data validation rules, and robust monitoring capabilities address the requirements of Web-based applications in a cloud computing infrastructure. The main capabilities of MongoDB are:

Amazon DynamoDB: what are the benefits?

Dynamo DB is a mobile-friendly database that was designed for web, gaming, retail, media, and entertainment, and other businesses that require low-latency data management. DynamoDB simplifies the implementation and maintenance process as part of the AWS system. There are no servers to be provisioned or managed and no software to be installed or maintained. DynamoDB performance is supported by a variety of native AWS features and enhanced by easy integration with other AWS services. Key performance capabilities are:

Performance: DynamoDB Vs MongoDB

Both MongoDB and DynamoDB are popular NoSQL products offering the performance needed for mission-critical software. MongoDB operates on multiple cloud platforms and offers effective tracking features. Its capability to function across different environments (Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and more), makes it a rational choice for enterprises that maintain their software in multi-cloud environments. DynamoDB is the best option for companies using AWS as their cloud platform. Another benefit that comes along is a smooth integration with other AWS products and automated collaborative management.

The best way to make the right decision is to combine long-term cloud strategy requirements and business-specific needs.

The database is just one element of the complex cloud system. Companies moving to the cloud should leverage cloud computing consulting services. Experienced cloud consultants ensure a smooth transition to the new technology.

Whether you choose MongoDB or DynamoDB, the Chetu can help you design and optimize the custom cloud architecture to enhance your business performance.

The MongoDB To DynamoDB Migration

We provide AWS Data Migration Service (DMS) for enterprises that are currently running MongoDB but intending to build AWS apps or transfer existing data to AWS. The migration process requires a detailed analysis to determine data discrepancies between the source and the target. Working with a certified partner ensures that they deep knowledge of the product, guide you through the process, and save you time and money. AWS support engineers provide global remote support and rapid troubleshooting. Chetu has a team of leading cloud-computing consultants, architects, developers and support engineers. We provide scalable, on-demand support, deployment, and migration services.


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