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Learn Why Customizing Stripe Can Propel Any Business

William DawseyBy: William Dawsey


The transition from brick-and-mortar to powerful e-commerce stores happened quickly. Many online businesses struggled in the early 2000s because credit card companies and banks operated using older business models. In 2010, it disrupted the payment industry. Stripe began as an online platform designed specifically for e-commerce. Their goal was to streamline the online payment process, and their continued growth is a testament to their success.

How do Stripe Payments work?

Although Stripe provides a wide range of payment options to businesses, the company is not a payment processor. Stripe is an independent sales organization. Stripe acts as an intermediary between merchants and banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions instead of processing payments.

Forming a direct connection between a merchant and a payment processor involves a complex approval process. Stripe has already done the heavy lifting of starting a relationship with several processing entities. Stripe bundles its merchant clients under its company account. With this arrangement, the merchant has almost instant access to the most prominent payment processors.

As online commerce has grown, Stripe Payments has increased its payment options. The company started by enabling online credit card payments. Today, merchants can use the platform to accept digital wallet payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay, automatic payments and payments in over 135 different currencies.

Online businesses come in many sizes. Stripe provides several options to access the payment features of the platform.

Stripe Checkout

A business with a simple model can use Stripe’s standardized payment page to start collecting payments with a minimum of development. However, to provide a comprehensive, secure, and irresistible checkout experience for customers, custom development is the best option.

Suppose online businesses want to offer smooth and fast payment solutions with Stripe. In that case, custom development can help create a satisfying checkout experience that will reduce the cart abandonment rate.

Quick Fact: Stripe made it easy to create an elementary credit card form; however, during the last few years, due to the rapid growth of e-commerce, Stripe fully enhanced its checkout process from loading times to animation to prove an improved customer experience.

Stripe Elements

For a more customized experience, Stripe Elements provides the tools to create unique payment forms for websites, enhancing any website functionality and user-friendliness.

Stripe Terminal

Some businesses have both in-person and digital stores. Stripe Terminal lets a merchant use the same account to take both digital and physical payments. Chetu’s Stripe development team will help a merchant develop an attractive user interface with an integrated backend.


Stripe provides a JavaScript library that gives developers like Chetu the resources to craft a fully customized checkout resource. Chetu’s Stripe API integration services will make the whole process run smoothly.

Benefits of Customizing Verifone’s Ruby2 POS Systems

Quick Fact: A token is created client-side and sent to the server. A charge is then created server-side using that token. In 2015 Stripe added ACH Debit and Bitcoin, Chetu can seamlessly integrate any payment method to the API.

The Stripe Integration Process

Advanced integration tools are one of the reasons for Stripe’s popularity. The platform includes several third-party integrations that make fast connections with popular productivity, accounting, and CRM software solutions. However, a professional developer can increase Stripe’s functionality by creating a custom integration with the platform. The Chetu development team will perform or guide a merchant through each step.

Your Stripe Account

The first step for a merchant is setting up a Stripe account. In this step, the user will make decisions about administrative access, set up security protocols, and enter billing information. Our developers will assist your organization in every step of the process.

Data Migration

An established merchant will need to move client information from its current platform to Stripe. The Chetu Stripe development team is fully versed in Stripe migration and will simplify this process.

The Front-end Setup

Our developers will use Stripe Elements or Stripe.js to craft a custom payment page.

Webhook Development

Webhooks are digital structures that notify an administrator about specific events on a merchant’s account. Our development team will take a balanced approach so that administrators receive real-time information about required payments and are not inundated with unnecessary alerts.

Metadata and Descriptors

Metadata is behind-the-scenes information about transactions on a merchant’s site. The customer will not see it, but it can provide valuable information for reporting and analytics.

Mitigate Risks

The merchant must decide the level of risk it can tolerate. Customers expect steps that will lower the chances of fraud for the business. Additional security layers will reduce risk, but they will also lengthen the checkout process. Chetu will configure Stripe’s anti-fraud tools such as Stripe Radar to optimize a merchant’s protection.

Stripe Payment Integration

Chetu’s developers use Stripe.js to connect payment forms to Stripe’s servers. Using this resource allows a merchant to link several types of payment forms to the platform. Chetu will also automate the invoicing process to streamline the billing and payment procedure.

API Integration

Stripe uses Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect merchants with its servers. These digital structures are at the center of the Stripe integration process. An experienced development team will configure the system to send payment data in the proper format.

POS Integration with Stripe

Integrating point-of-sale equipment with Stripe offers businesses flexibility. Stripe can work with everything from countertop terminals to mobile card readers. With proper integration, a manager can receive real-time reports.

Custom Apps for Stripe Payments

Stripe understands the importance of integration for internet payments. The ability to connect with a wide array of software platforms increases automation and efficiency. Chetu will create apps that connect Stripe with a merchant’s accounting, analytic and content management platforms. Experienced third-party developers can create apps that help merchants expand their ability to take and monitor payments.

Payment Apps

Stripe provides a broad range of native payment options. However, every business is different. A custom payment app can link payment information to invoicing, inventory, and CRM software. With proper configuration, this tool will save time by automating several workflow steps.

Dashboard Apps

The Dashboard App lets an administrator monitor a Stripe account. A merchant can set permissions for different staff members, track customer accounts, and handle unusual transactions like refunds. Custom Stripe API development will make this tool even more potent by handling tasks like payouts, financial reporting, and accounting support.

Stripe POS Apps

Stripe Terminal is the company’s standard POS application. By customizing this app, a merchant can employ hybrid business models such as ordering online for in-store pickup. Merchants with a physical store may want to consider using Stripe’s pre-certified credit card readers along with the platform. These devices accept chip cards, Apple Pay, and Google.

Mobile Apps

Working with mobile apps allows merchants to accept payments and monitor activity on an Android or iOS device. Mobile app development is a perfect solution for merchants with traveling offices like repair professionals or food trucks. A well-designed solution offers access to Stripe Dashboard and other administrative features so that an administrator can handle issues remotely. Using mobile devices also lowers a merchant’s overhead cost for new hardware.

Comprehensive Stripe Integration and Development Services

Chetu will improve a business’s workflow by providing complete Stripe integration and development services. Our experienced programmers can customize the Stripe experience for both merchants and customers. We provide help with:

  • Stripe Dashboard Solutions

    We configure connections through Stripe’s APIs to streamline accounting, reporting, and administration.

  • Invoicing and Payments

    We create custom invoice platforms and provide support for less common payment methods.

  • Subscription Management Platforms

    We can set up the system to handle subscriptions and other recurring payments.

  • Fraud Detection

    Our team takes security seriously and will protect a merchant by configuring and enhancing Stripe’s fraud protection software.

  • Stripe Analytics

    Meaningful data is critical for making informed business decisions. We combine SQL resources with Stripe's APIs to extract and report the information a merchant needs.

  • Stripe Integration Services

    From analytics to accounting, our team can connect Stripe to popular business software platforms.

  • Stripe Plugins and Other Customized Solutions

    With Stripe Elements and Stripe.js, our developers can build endless custom Stripe solutions to meet merchant needs.

Our Stripe development team understands that online payments must be both simple and secure. We ensure that our custom solutions maintain compliance with consumer protection standards like PCI-DSS. Integrations and customized development from Chetu will give merchants an improved Stripe experience.


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