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By Nikhil Koranne

Client Overview

The client has been operating for approximately 7 years as a computer software development and applications business/industry within the business services sector. The client approached Chetu, a certified software development company with vast experience developing and integrating custom software applications, with the idea of developing a loyalty application for mobile devices so customers can earn rewards for shopping in stores, gas stations, and other businesses.

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Project Overview

The Problem:

This application needed to have a portal for consumers to register and log in. Additionally, it needed to have a feature to search for businesses. After successfully finding businesses in the search menu, customers needed to have the ability to take a picture of their receipt and upload it to the app in order to collect reward points for their loyalty. They also needed to be able to access this information and view past receipts they have uploaded.

The application required a back office for super admins (a.k.a. the app owners) to add/remove new businesses, modify client subscriptions, review/validate customer receipts and allocate the customers' reward points based on every dollar they spent. A different back office also needed to be created for business owners to register themselves and add deals that app users can claim for being loyal customers. The app had to allow businesses to mark off certain promotions once used. Integration with a payment gateway was also necessary so that businesses could pay the monthly fees associated with promoting themselves through the loyalty application.

The Fix

The Solution

Chetu worked diligently with the client as specific requirements changed to ensure the project stayed well within the given budget. At the time of development, the client wanted to have many features similar to a more popular retail web site/app but encountered several issues in achieving this. Chetu stepped in to address these difficulties, which included integrating Facebook API for an app that utilized a hybrid language and using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to implement a standard image size when uploading receipts.

Chetu utilized the PhoneGap tool to convert a web application to a natively installed hybrid mobile app with device level support for iPhone 4/5, iPad Mini, Android Tablet (all resolution), Android Phones (all resolutions) and across multiple browsers. WFC was used to ensure that receipt images were optimized. Stripe payment gateway was also implemented to the web app in order for businesses to make payments for registering on the app.

The end result was a high-quality loyalty web and mobile application that:

  • Satisfies the need for a user-friendly application that users can download from the app store, find businesses, and upload receipts effortlessly.
  • Features a convenient log in screen with Facebook integration so users can experience faster registration and log in by connecting their Facebook account to the app.
  • Has an integrated payment gateway on the web application to process the monthly fees from businesses wanting to register themselves.
  • Saves consumers money by letting them earn rewards for shopping at businesses they frequent.
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