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Streamlining Call Centers’ Processes with Workforce Management Software

William DawseyBy: William Dawsey


Why Call Centers Need Workforce Management Software

A call center supplies a direct connection between a business and its clients. A smooth operation grants consumers short wait times and knowledgeable staff members. On the other hand, a poorly organized call center can test a customer’s patience and damage a company’s reputation.

A call center needs to have enough trained people at any given time to handle calls without a long delay. However, having too many employees on deck is a drain on expenses. WFM software uses business intelligence tools to address the scheduling challenges of call center management.

It is frustrating to waste time sitting on hold. However, well-designed call center software can minimize the wait.

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Essential Call Center Management Tasks

Effective WFM for call centers will address issues that prevent optimal service. By analyzing past performance data, the software will support informed decisions for the future.

Forecasting Call Volume

The staffing needs of call centers change over time. Seasonal changes can cause predictable increases in call volume, but the impact of other events is more difficult to forecast. When a technology company releases a new product or update, there will be an increased need for qualified employees. Special sales, promotions, and product recalls can have a similar effect. Call center software will analyze these trends and offer a schedule that places employees with the right skill set at the ready.

Employee Scheduling

A well-functioning call center depends on more than having a voice on a headset. Staff members with specialized product knowledge will address customers more efficiently. The WFM software will not only look at the number of people on the schedule, but it will also factor in training and skills to meet customer needs.

Agent Assignments

The combination of intelligent prediction with optimized scheduling leads to a call center with the agents it needs in the right place at the right time. Employees will appreciate a well-designed schedule that acknowledges their abilities. No one will be swamped by calls or spend hours sitting idly by silent phones.

Optimized Training Schedules

When a new product launches, managers must train their call center employees to handle common questions and issues. However, the call center does not want the learning to disrupt its operations. WFM software can schedule training periods when call center volume is low. It will also bring employees who have completed their training directly into the rotation.

Optimized Training Schedules

Benefits of Incorporating WFM Software for Call Centers

Call centers that employ WFM tools will rapidly discover the benefits of streamlined management. These organizations will experience happier customers, employees, and accountants.

Improved Customer Experience

The primary purpose for running a call center is customer care. A client's experience with customer service is a defining moment for the business. WFM software provides an optimized operation to handle client needs with minimal waiting or transfers to other employees.

Predictable Employee Workloads

Interacting with customers can be difficult. It is not unusual for overworked call center employees to slip up and act less than professional. With a WFM solution in place, employees will address a predictable number of calls during each shift. They will also be dealing with calmer customers who are not irritated by a long wait.

Real-Time Analysis

Every interaction with a client creates a set of data. WFM software for call centers can analyze information about the average duration of calls, frequently asked questions, and the time of day. Using this data helps managers spot trends and prepare for changes in volume.

Observing a call center employee’s interactions can help assess training needs. If an employee consistently spends too much time on calls, it may be time for a refresher course.

Automated Processes

Every second that a call center can shave off the customer care process is a win. With a well-built structure, the software will save time by automating frequent processes. The platform can automatically reroute calls from VIPs to specific agents or departments. It might also send alerts to employees when it is time to take a break.

Reduced Operational Costs

Streamlining operations also mean lower operating costs. The business will not be spending money on unnecessary employees on the phones. When call volume is low, these staff members might perform more productive tasks or improve their skills and knowledge.

Reduced Operational Costs

Integrating WFM Tools with Other Platforms

A skilled development team can take the WFM experience even further. By integrating WFM software with other platforms, an organization can measure its performance in real time. Software like SAP Workforce Management has been specifically designed for seamless integration.

Any software platform is an investment, and businesses want to get the best possible ROI. The link between the WFM solution and a revenue management system will show how the streamlined call center operations impact the larger financial picture of the business.

WFM for call centers is also a natural fit for a connection with a CRM platform. When a customer contacts an agent, data from the call will automatically flow into the appropriate CRM profile. The interaction can also generate a list of follow-up tasks to meet client needs. Using this system will help the organization keep its commitments and maintain a reputation for customer service.

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WFM Software and Streamlined Call Center Management

A solid workforce management strategy will help companies develop, maintain, and coordinate their most critical call center asset: staff. Data supplied by WFM tools provide an understanding of the effectiveness of customer service teams. Empowered by information, they can make adjustments to improve call center operations.

A business needs its new telecom software to fit neatly into its digital ecosystem. Developers experienced with WFM platforms like SAP can tailor the program to an organization’s needs. These experts will integrate the software to facilitate data flow between platforms. Strategic implementation of WFM software creates a culture of constant optimization and enhanced client care.


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