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DevOps: A Collaborative Approach to Software Development

Rick Heicksen By: Rick Heicksen


DevOps is the culmination of development and IT operations uniting with the ultimate goal of designing and expediting the delivery of software-based services and applications. The collaboration of software development and systems administration has created a powerful dynamic that utilizes diverse skills from departments that have not traditionally collaborated. This collaboration results in a new synergy that drives business goals and elevates the client-developer relationship by accelerating software development and customized app project completion, reducing time to market without sacrificing quality or data security.

Re-Imagining Development Workflow

DevOps is designed to reduce or eliminate ‘hand offs’ of software development projects that often contribute to bottlenecks, focusing on developing streamlined communication between software development teams and operations. The collaborative environment aims to share project responsibility and enable continuous feedback, allowing any project code bugs to be addressed and rectified more expediently. Successful DevOps practices operate on the following tenets, with a strong focus on continuous cycles of:

Propelling Development Forward

Design and deployment processes will need refinement as software development continues its transformative impacts across multiple industries. The collaborative relationship between software developers and operations has yielded new avenues toward innovating the development cycle and reducing time to market.

The advent of Artificial Intelligence and its enhancement by software specialists has taken DevOps to a new height. Augmenting code development with its unprecedented ability to identify faulty code with greater accuracy and in larger volumes, Artificial Intelligence significantly reduces manual monitoring, identifying faulty code work and automatically alerting developers to possible bottlenecks in real time. This cutting-edge resource offers another checkpoint during software development’s lifecycle and error-free code reviews.

Artificial Intelligence is also implemented to automatically guide developers by offering project recommendations, creating new avenues of success, and eliminating costly trial and error when seeking to rectify project challenges. Artificial Intelligence is not deployed to eliminate personnel but to amplify critical processes within software development to create and complete quality deliverables to clients and create new quality benchmarks. Adept software specialists continue leveraging AI-based resources to modernize operations and propel projects forward with a clear focus on optimization.

Future Scope and Innovations

The evolution of DevOps has steadily revealed a growing demand for streamlined development services. With Global Market Research reporting a U.S. market share of $8 billion in 2022 and forecasting $25 billion by 2030, we see DevOps as a lucrative sector within software development and an effective business strategy to expedite program development while promoting a collaborative culture. Gartner has reported 85% of organizations will adopt cloud-computing platforms for development workflow by 2025, reinforcing the need for efficient and well-versed custom cloud application developers. Within this sector, a streamlined DevOps strategy becomes a necessity.

DevOps has recently expanded its scope to streamline the security process within the software development lifecycle. Termed DevSecOps, this concept seeks to integrate security strategies throughout the development process, eliminating traditional methods of implementing security as a final step. By adopting the ‘shared responsibility’ and collaborative culture of DevOps, DevSecOps strengthens this strategy by including the critical security component. Any time a project is accelerated, there could be inherent new risks to intellectual property and valuable data. DevSecOps seeks to include security processes earlier in the software development lifecycle, ensuring bottlenecks are quickly identified and proactively mitigated.

Delivery of quality code and software-based projects has been accelerated due to modern resources and new client demands. DevOps remains a proactive, collaborative strategy to effectively respond to these demands while reducing development costs, expediting project completion, and streamlining security and integration. With DevOps workflows implemented by dedicated development teams, this collaborative approach ensures success with even the most challenging projects. Unifying development and operations enables more checks and balances and streamlined production and with Artificial Intelligence deployed by software specialists, DevOps will undeniably remain a proven strategy for efficient project management as industries continue their push toward modernizing operations.


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