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The Benefits of Using Salesforce Commerce Cloud for Mobile E-Commerce

William DawseyBy: Dave Wood


It’s becoming a necessity for retailers to start using mobile e-commerce to generate online revenue. For that reason, online store owners who refuse to optimize their retail platforms for mobile devices might be at risk of losing customers and revenue.

According to Insider Intelligence, mobile commerce will account for 42.9 percent of all online retail volume by 2024.

Mobile e-commerce makes shopping fast and easy for consumers. It also enables online retailers to obtain better organic search engine rankings. Google now designates mobile-friendliness as an important ranking factor.

To facilitate a seamless transition to mobile e-commerce, retailers should consider using Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC).

SFCC provides an array of features for mobile e-commerce, including tools for personalizing the online shopping experience, creating micro-moments, and gathering data about the behavior of online customers.

Build Personalized Online Shopping Experiences

Personalization plays a major role in the online shopping experience.

Modern consumers are used to shopping at online stores that display personalized e-commerce content. That content corresponds to what they prefer and includes relevant products.

So, it’s important for retailers to offer customers a fulfilling mobile shopping experience. And, that experience should be accessible anywhere. Salesforce Commerce Cloud makes mobile shopping personal with an integrated artificial intelligence solution known as Einstein AI. Einstein AI can be used to automate the display of accurate product recommendations for each online shopper. Those recommendations can be used on mobile devices, too.

Some of the other Einstein AI features listed by Salesforce include personalized search functionality and predictive sorting for search and category pages.

Use Mobile Micro-Moments to Generate Revenue

Consumers often view multiple products and compare features and prices when making buying decisions. Those decisions are part of what Google named micro-moments.

During micro-moments, consumers may form buying preferences, add products to online shopping carts, and ultimately complete purchases. Mobile devices can help make those moments possible.

As stated on, the average smartphone user checks his or her device once every four minutes. This means that modern mobile users are actively exploring online shopping options while at home, at work, and during commutes. That’s why retailers should start launching online stores that include mobile e-commerce features.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) includes those features and gives retailers the opportunity to generate fulfilling micro-moments for online shoppers.

Gather Data Through Commerce Cloud

Salesforce even has a partner marketplace where retailers can obtain third-party web analytics apps that can be integrated with Commerce Cloud. Some of the analytics apps listed there include DynamicAction, minubo, and Treasure Data.

By offering those integrations, Salesforce has streamlined the data gathering process. With the right data, retailers will be able to pinpoint how, when, and potentially even why consumers are visiting and making purchases from online stores.

Maximize your Salesforce Commerce Cloud Usage with Custom Support surveyed people in the United States and recently published statistics showing that almost half of them had spent five or six hours per day on a smartphone.

It is for this reason that online retailers should utilize a mobile e-commerce solution such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

To get started, align yourself with a custom mobile retail development expert, preferably one specializing in Salesforce development.

The right partner will help you create a mobile shopping app with custom rules control panels. Integrating this feature into your mobile e-commerce system will enable you to manage multiple accounts, campaigns, and rewards from a dedicated internal panel.

The right partner can also use the Salesforce platform API to integrate Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) with your legacy systems and applications.

By combining SFCC with your accounting, ERP, and social media tools, you will be able to streamline operations across your entire mobile e-commerce system. Ultimately, this will allow you to provide a seamless mobile-first shopping experience that resonates with today's tech-savvy consumers.


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