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Optimize Your Workflows with Salesforce RPA Integration

Dave WoodBy: Dave Wood


Salesforce is the leading platform for cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM). And for a good reason. With advanced applications that address areas such as account management, customer service, and marketing, this comprehensive platform empowers businesses around the world to stay connected to their clients.

While Salesforce is a powerful CRM platform, its applications still require time-consuming, error-prone manual input. However, there is a way to streamline repetitive and rule-based tasks: by integrating Salesforce with the assistance of a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) partner.

Salesforce RPA integration makes the platform more efficient and flexible. RPA solutions like UiPath enable software robots to navigate systems, identify and extract data, and pass information automatically between Salesforce apps and third-party platforms to optimize workflows, drive efficiency, and streamline business processes.

Increasing Efficiency with an Integrated Salesforce RPA Solution

Increasing Efficiency with an Integrated Salesforce RPA Solution

RPA services, working in conjunction with Salesforce, provide transformative benefits to inefficient workflows. Just as humans do, bots can interpret what’s being displayed on a screen, complete keystrokes, and perform a host of other defined actions.

Whatever regular low-value tasks an enterprise’s employees complete, these bots can handle. They log into apps, fill forms, interpret texts for chat conversations with potential clients. Leaving human workers free to do what they do best: collaborate, create, and innovate.

When an experienced team provides salesforce integration services, data flows in and out of the CRM platform directly to places it needs to go. These bots pull information from third-party applications, such as LinkedIn to streamline processes like lead generation. With their ability to complete high-volume repetitive tasks, these bots can handle some of the most tedious tasks an enterprise engages in.

Sales and Customer Service

Customers need attention throughout their relationship with a business. Bots can automate several common processes such as setting up accounts, monitoring contracts, and providing initial levels of customer service.


Daily administrative tasks take time. Manual data entry between platforms is not a good use of any employee’s abilities or time, though. RPA bots allow an organization to minimize busy work and focus on clients.

IT and Infrastructure Management

Many IT issues are the result of human error. RPA bots do their work efficiently and correctly based on predetermined rules, making the risk of inputting incorrect information a non-issue. IT staff will spend more time improving the system and less time on daily troubleshooting.

Lead Generation

An expanding business needs access to new customers. Bots scrape data from third-party platforms to create leads in Salesforce. The integration team will set up the system with rules that avoid irrelevant entries and provide leads with the highest conversion potential.

Exporting Reports

Every employee in an enterprise may not be working with Salesforce, but they need periodic information about customer engagement and sales trends. In addition to pulling data into the platform, bots are able to export data for regular report creation.

Billing and Invoice Automation

A single business may require different types of invoices depending on the client and type of order. Integrated RPA bots automatically create the invoices and attach them to the correct departmental entity. If a customer makes a repeating order, the bots will send invoices without any effort from the sales team.

The Benefits of Salesforce RPA Integration

The Benefits of Salesforce RPA Integration

Enterprises reap many benefits when they take advantage of expert Salesforce integration services. Partnering with an RPA service with CRM software simplifies day-to-day operations by providing various benefits.

Reduced Operating Costs

An RPA service allows a business to do more with less. Handling the needs of more clients in less time reduces administrative costs.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Employees will spend less time handling repetitive tasks. This freedom offers said employees the opportunity to spend more time on meaningful customer interactions and developing creative ideas.

Reduced Cycle Time

The cycle of converting leads, fulfilling sales, and managing clients require many small tasks, which add up. Bots create faster conversion and response times, increasing the rate at which sales are closed.

Fewer Human Errors

Salesforce automation removes many of the garbage-in-garbage-out issues of human data entry. RPA bots don’t become bored and, therefore, careless while performing tedious, repetitive actions.

Improved Customer Support

For simple customer issues, bots can answer frequently asked questions or direct customers to relevant parts of the company website. If the request is a more advanced one, the bots will automatically connect the customer to the proper department. This setup saves time and frustration for both clients and employees.

Higher Customer Retention

Higher customer loyalty comes with meeting the needs of clients quickly. A well-implemented integration plan will make customers feel appreciated even as they work with digital helpers.

Salesforce, RPA, and Third-Party Integration

Salesforce, RPA, and Third-Party Integration

With the right RPA solution, data flows between the CRM platform and the third-party applications a business utilizes. Connections beyond Salesforce improve workflows and insights, with integration possibilities that include:

Additionally, RPA can be rapidly implemented to accelerate workflow transformation, especially those that involve Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI), legacy systems lacking APIs, and database access.

The Power of UiPath and Salesforce

Power of UiPath and Salesforce

UiPath specializes in RPA services across various industries and their related processes. To the great advantage of Salesforce users, they have partnered with Salesforce to help clients capitalize on the best results from the CRM platform.

UiPath uses a technique called process mining to improve system performance. This resource analyzes a company’s current processes to look for places where automation can be implemented. The integration team can then configure the system to take advantage of UiPath’s bots.

Salesforce UiPath integration gives businesses access to the UiPath Orchestrator, which provides a dashboard to monitor and configure the RPA bots as they work in the system. By providing further insight into automated processes, a business can continue streamlining procedures and get the best return from their CRM investment.

Harnessing the Power of RPA for Salesforce

Utilizing custom-tailored Salesforce applications is arguably one of the most effective ways to get the most out of any Salesforce platform. While Salesforce’s existing features benefit enterprises of all types, there is a limit to how useful any system can be without added customization. This, of course, is where custom development comes into play. Salesforce knows this, which is why their AppExchange is available for businesses looking for solutions and ISVs aiming to monetize innovative solutions.

From a C-Suite perspective, investment in RPA from UiPath delivers ROI rapidly with little upfront cost when compared to replacing their current Salesforce solutions. Functional area leaders utilizing RPA technology in everything from marketing to finance directly benefit from the improvement of their processes, quick throughput, and fewer time-wasting errors. With their ability to transform various areas in a workday, RPA bots are the perfect assistants for any enterprise-ready platform.


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